Saturday, January 23, 2010

A day offline...

No TV, no radio, a day of silence.
Well, I did pick up my emails before going to bed... nothing important however.
I'm not sure being online is important either.


  1. Love the pic; the "cone of shame" as it is called on some movie or other (I can't remember right now...dementia?); will get back to you on that one!
    Better get to bed myself...insomnia...but four hours and it's prayer time!

  2. +JMJ+

    I was going to yell: "THE CONE OF SHAME!" . . . but Father beat me to it! (Not that that really stopped me!)

    It's from Pixar's latest movie Up, and became one of my favourite new phrases for about a month after I first heard it. =)

  3. I've been spending lots of time off-line and have had to turn off our radio. It was making me crazy (ok - more crazy)

    I think it's part of the "plan" to keep us all occupied.

  4. You are correct madam. ;) I also think it is addicting.

  5. Enbrethiliel: Thank you!
    It's one of our favorite lines around here, as well...having dogs and all, we, well, anyway...
    We wonder at times what having collars that allowed dogs to talk would be like...probably scary. They do well enough communicating without them!
    Loved the high pitched voice of the Dobermann...guess that taught him a thing or two!!


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