Saturday, December 12, 2009

For Our Lady

A Little Litany (to Our Lady)

When God turned back eternity and was young,

Ancient of Days, grown little for your mirth

(As under the low arch the land is bright)

Peered through you, gate of heaven--and saw the earth.

Or shutting out his shining skies awhile

Built you about him for a house of gold

To see in pictured walls his storied world

Return upon him as a tale is told.

Or found his mirror there; the only glass

That would not break with that unbearable light

Till in a corner of the high dark house

God looked on God, as ghosts meet in the night.

Star of his morning; that unfallen star

In that strange starry overturn of space

When earth and sky changed places for an hour

And heaven looked upwards in a human face.

Or young on your strong knees and lifted up

Wisdom cried out, whose voice is in the street,

And more than twilight of twiformed cherubim

Made of his throne indeed a mercy-seat.

Or risen from play at your pale raiment's hem

God, grown adventurous from all time's repose,

Or your tall body climbed the ivory tower

And kissed upon your mouth the mystic rose.

GK Chesterton

(Big thanks to Susan.)
Art:  Reference


  1. I LOVE that painting you posted. What is it called?

  2. I love it too, very unusual. Have never seen it before.

  3. KM - I have no information as to the painter - it is of a genre representing the Divine origins of the image of the Virgin - the Eternal Father painting it.

  4. Thanks for posting this, Terry. I love this poem!

  5. michael r.7:12 AM

    I love the painting as well. Perhaps a copy should be sent to Mrs. Clinton. Remember, she asked who painted it...

  6. Michael - that is a very good suggestion - and nicely stated as well. You are really a gentleman - I'm serious.


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