Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Nothing to do?  Holidays get you down?  Family bores you too?  Looking for a new sweat suit?
Go shopping.  This year Walgreen's, Walmart, K-Mart, Old Navy, Radio Shack and Toys R us will be open Thanksgiving Day.
Who says the holidays are too commercial?


  1. The Cathedral of Consumerism.

  2. Thats just pure sad--now people can't have their day off to enjoy with their families--those stores do not care about their employees! And neither do people who will shop there on Thanksgiving!

  3. "Looking for a new sweat suit"---LOL!!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Terry!

  4. +JMJ+

    I'm with Tara.

    When I worked for a Korean company, I was stunned to learn that they expected me work the evening shift on Christmas Eve.

    I ended up calling in sick--which I'm sure nobody believed--and officially resigning a few weeks later. It wasn't the best career move, but I didn't want to keep working for a company that wouldn't let me clock out until 10:00 pm on Christmas Eve. Free catering next to the water cooler be darned!

  5. Anonymous4:12 PM

    don't knock it. i need new fat jeans.


  6. OMGOSH! DB please email me - I have a new computer - I have not been ignoring you - I miss you -

  7. Add me to the list of those who just don't care about their families; I went to Walgreens to pick up photos for my mom and to K-Mart for a black-friday priced video game that I know my brother wants.

  8. Several years ago my brother's Lutheran wife came up with the idea of having a Christmas auction. We were all to purchase and wrap a generic gift for one person. Then we would hold an auction, the proceeds of which would go to a charity of the choice of one of the family. The choice would rotate through the family members each year.

    This year she escalated the game. No longer would we exchange presents with everybody. We would draw names and just purchase one present (plus our present for the auction).

    None of us "needs" anything or a demonstration of proof of our love for each other any longer.

    But I expect that the proceeds of the auction will be considerably greater in the future.

    The first two years the choices were the Animal Humane Society and the Salvation Army.

    The youngest member of those in the family who exchanged gifts (there are some young toddlers who are exempt) will choose the charity this year.

    We are hoping that the Gopher Football Team's recruiting efforts will not be the charity that he chooses.

  9. Ray, what a great idea!


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