Friday, October 16, 2009

Michael - recovering from brain surgery.

I received the following from Michael yesterday:
michael r. said...
I want to thank you and your readers for the prayers. I am humbled by your generosity. My surgery went rather well. I seem to be mosly ok; not doing anything too inappropriately. I have a lot of pain, but I can deal with physical pain. I will know more about the path ahead in a couple of weeks when the staples are removed from my head and all of the biopsies are complete. It sounds like more radiation and chemo. I had a good visit with a priest while in the hospital. He seems to have sought me out. I think some prayers were guiding him along. It was a rather profound experience for me. The question remains, why do I keep beating such odds?

Let's keep praying for him.  Thanks.


  1. Thanks, Terry, for the update.
    Michael can be assured of continued prayers; I will offer Holy Mass for him tomorrow. FrJM

  2. Thanks very much Father - that is very generous. Thanks Susan and Anna.

  3. delightful news ... prayers will continue!

  4. I will keep praying for your friend, Terry. Do keep us posted.

  5. Great news! Prayers continue!

  6. Michael will be in my Rosary today, along with his friend, Terry, and I'm sure that's so for the many unseen who don't comment. Godspeed, Michael.


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