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Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama the sell out?

WARSAW, Poland – Poles and Czechs voiced deep concern Friday at President Barack Obama's decision to scrap a Bush-era missile defense shield planned for their countries.

"Betrayal! The U.S. sold us to Russia and stabbed us in the back," the Polish tabloid Fakt declared on its front page. - More here.
Anyone know what happened in September of 1939 in Poland?


  1. This was the first decision from the Obama Regime that I have gsrred with. Right was the Obama foreign-policy adviser who, during the campaign, called it "a system that won’t work, against a threat that doesn’t exist, paid for with money we don’t have."

  2. Above, "gsrred" shoukld read "agreed."

  3. Terry
    I believe Poland asked for big bucks ($20 million) from us in order for us to put the missiles there. Hence betrayal seems either harsh ...or misplaced lol.


  4. That's good to know guys - thanks.


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