Tuesday, September 22, 2009

End of summer.

Portion of the back garden.

The red morning glory on the trellis attracts Hummingbirds - which seem to me to be like little angels or fairies as they dart about, often hovering in mid-air to get a closer look at me.
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  1. Great picture.
    We have had humming birds return to our feeder, if the bees are not already stuck up into the nozzel...love those hummingbirds!

  2. Austringer2:28 PM


    You obviously have a flair for gardening....beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! ... and puts my garden to shame .... totally neglected this year. Thank you for the motivator to go outside a rescue it before winter ....

  4. Your yard is beautiful! I love morning glories. I totally admire all the hard work you must have put in.

  5. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Beautiful! Amen to all the above comments. My husband and I always joke about our "black thumbs" -- I'm keeping this photo to remind us of the possibilities. Well done!

    Regards from Canada,
    Patricia Gonzalez

  6. michael r.5:14 PM

    It's very beautiful, Terry. Isn't that red flowering vine, cardinal climber? I thought I had noticed it some time earlier in the year when you were focusing on some art in your garden. I had it planted in my own garden this year, but had mixed results.

  7. Nice looking garden, Terry.

    I think I see a weed in the path...LOL

  8. Wow, you made a little piece of heaven for yourself here on earth. Just delightful. And very peaceful.

  9. Where's Penjing?

    Oh, wait, ok, never mind.

  10. Wrong garden, Cath. Unless you're saying that Penjing is your houseguest and went over to check out Terry's garden?

  11. Nan: Nah, just trying to get the usual heckling, trash talkin' going with Ter. I can't have him getting to complacent.


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