Thursday, July 09, 2009


"Woe to the shepherds of Israel who have been pasturing themselves!" [Ezekiel 34: 2]
Did you hear the one about the Archbishop who gave the Canadian PM Communion and didn't think anything was wrong with that scenario...
"'I'm sure he (Harper) didn't mean any desecration or nothing of the sort. Somehow, the gesture was misunderstood. I think he should have been briefed by the protocol of what has to be done in a Catholic ceremony.'"
Ayeaaah! You're the Archbishop - so brief the guy! WTF?!
Archbishop Andre Richard, head of the Moncton archdiocese, said Thursday it's considered "sacrilegious" for non-believers to take part in the rite, but only if it is meant out of disrespect. (Who the hell made that up?) "In the context, it's obvious that no disrespect was meant, I'm quite sure," he said in a telephone interview. - Source

"God's gonna get him for that one."

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  1. That is ridiculous.
    He should not have been given Communion in the first place. I've seen priests chastise/refuse people who don't present themselves properly. He would have been obvious, considering how people described him as receiving like a handshake. And whoever saw him put it in his pocket should have stopped him. This isn't even negligence--it's apathy!! What happened to the Host?


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