Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why do we keep doing this...

To one another?
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I watched the DiCaprio Romeo and Juliet once again tonight. A friend of mine recommended it a few years ago, and so I bought it. I appreciate it very much - in fact, my friend informed me some wonderful Shakespearean scholar felt it was one of the best modern interpretations of Shakespeare's work. It is the best I've ever seen - despite the fact I love Zeffirelli's version. My friend is sort of a genius... He knows Shakespeare by heart. He is a wonderful man.
So anyway...
I'm having email and Internet problems right now, and I need to take my notebook in for a diagnostic. When that happens, I might be gone for awhile - but I'm not dead. Come back, okay?

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  1. Geez Terry, I think I double or triple-posted, but I can't tell...



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