Sunday, December 14, 2008

Poor Christmas: Staging it back a bit.

Gaudete Sunday (Gaudete means rejoice - it is the 3rd Sunday in Advent.)
As everyone knows, many people are losing their jobs, not to mention their houses as we sink deeper into recession. People die at this time of year just as they do all year long. Recently a woman was knocked down in a store parking lot and was killed when the drunk driver ran over her head. Horrible crime! People's houses burn down, as did a teacher's from my parish school last week.
Another woman I deeply respect and admire is going in for surgery this coming Wednesday - she has stage 4 ovarian cancer - please keep her in your prayers. Another man I know, like many others this time of year, is going through severe mental and emotional trials. At this time of year, a time of inordinate expectations for happiness and joy on the natural level, the drama misfortune occasions is often heightened and can be too much to bear for some.
It is good to pull it back a bit at times. To be temperate without being too sober. To have fun and to plan fun without being too demanding or obnoxious. To be kind and considerate without being patronizing or condescending. To cry if you need too, without being full of self-pity - or God forbid - self-loathing.

And never forget we are all in this together, so if nothing else, we need to pray for one another.


  1. gette5:10 PM

    Well said. Prayers for your lady friend going in for surgery, as well as for the depressed gentleman.

    You're right. Gotta keep it all in perspective. I think people sometimes have unrealistic expectations--maybe product of all the commercials and Christmas specials, I dunno. That and nostalgic memories--which can lose their realism over time too.

    May God grant us His true Peace-- these holiday days, and throughout the year.

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Dear Terry,

    Great post. I decided on Sunday to have a perfectly messy Christmas with my family. This means to me that the children will decorate the house and I will let go of my impossible standards. One tradition we have is a trip to confession on morning of the 24th. We try to enter the Octave of Christmas in the state of Grace.

    God Bless you on this dreary day!



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