Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where is the "Janice" post from "For Your Consideration"?

Last night I took some youtube posts down, thinking they were causing problems for me. I'm having computer troubles again and so I'll have to call someone in. Hopefully it will not interfere with my gallery opening Wednesday - remember - it is my online art exhibition entitled "Compartments". It debuts Wednesday, November 26 at 6:00 PM. Everyone is invited.
I think it will be family friendly.


  1. I'm still at a loss at what to wear.

  2. Sure, Ter, sure. It was me you were afraid of.

  3. May we bring guests? Is there a limit? Should they be artists themselves? Or can I invite some illiterate cronies?

  4. "illiterate cronies"?! Ray, I can't believe you just insulted me like that!

  5. Au contraire, mon cher Cathy! You haven't met the people from my past lives.

    And besides, you're funny. You're the only one who has 5 LJ's, not to mention a couple of 4.5 LJ awards.

    You have to be pretty smart to be really funny in my book.


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