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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin's parents at home, watching coverage of their daughter.
Obviously the family loves animals, so she can't be a bad choice. And she can drill for oil any place she wants - even the White House lawn if she wants to.
Quote of the week:
I got an interesting comment from a lady I consider to be a devout Catholic, wife and mother, she wrote:
"And yet, here I am presented with a “Pro life, family values” lady, who doesn’t think twice about her four month old down syndrome baby, who will be left to the custody of someone else while she pursues her political career. Is that what we call “family values”? Being pro life does not stop at birth. If she did not consider her special needs child before her career, can we trust her not to put her “values” in second place again when the time comes for political advancement?"
A different perspective.


  1. I guess they like their pets ironed ,pressed ,and then nailed to their walls. Low maintaince that way. I seriously thought that it was illegal to posess a polar bear pelt.

    There would have been NOTHING ,not even a queenship of the world title that would have tore me away from nuturing my disabled child myself ,now granted someone else would have done a better job ,but I did my best then ,and do my best now.

    Mr.Terry this issue is going to open up the "can o' worms labled " Why do women leave their children ,and go to work."

    WAIT ! before this begins please let me step out of the way. I want to leave before I get bitten, or clawed .

  2. "I guess they like their pets ironed ,pressed ,and then nailed to their walls."


    Belinda - that made my day. LOL!

  3. The kids have a dad, right? What happens to the families of men who run for office? It is true that it will be a pretty intense 2-3 months till the election is over. Then, if their side loses, they'll go back home and live their lives. If they win, they'll probably have at least a part-time home in Washington D.C. At that point the kids' lives won't be that much different from that of other families with a working mom. I'm not saying the situation presents no problems. It's just that all families who have a parent in public office make sacrifices; it may actually be worse on the teenagers than the little one.

  4. As a practical matter, Governor Palin will have one helluva lot less duties as Vice President of the United States than she does as Governor of Alaska.

    Her only real duty, according to the U.S. Constitution, is to vote in the Senate in the case of a tie.

    As it stands right now, no matter who wins the presidency, the Democracts will have far more than 50 votes in the Senate. Right now it is indeed close with 49 for each party and two independents, but projections for the upcoming election show 54 Democrats will be elected.

    Unless McCain could win by a landslide, that probably will hold and the chances of a tie vote will be extremely remote.

    In that case, the Vice-President will probably participate in ceremonial and political functions on an as assigned basis.

  5. I'm sure Alaskans are just like Canadians - they love animals:

    Good Animals

  6. "D]oesn’t think twice about her four month old down syndrome baby, who will be left to the custody of someone else while she pursues her political career."

    She does have a husband, you know, that can be like Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom.

    Like most people, I'm just glad she's pro-life.

  7. michael7:21 PM

    Belinda, I believe that's a Grizzly bear plastered to the wall, not a Polar bear. And the smaller Black bear on the other side. Looks like a Dall sheep on the side of the Grizzly, and a Ptarmigan above that. (I enjoy reading your comments on Terry's blogs. Your gentle humor is really nice. You should seriously consider creating your own blog.)

  8. "The kids have a dad, right?"

    Yup - Melody - that's how it s'posed to work. You nailed it.

  9. Wow Tom! I so never thought of that. Awesome, dude! Srah - plain and simple.

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  11. Melody, My teens need as much supervision as my babies did. Only I get to yell at my teens ,for pleasure.

  12. Anonymous12:23 PM

    I only go to work because not working isn't an option right now, but when it is, I will quit.
    However, if I knew I could leave her for work each day and GO CHANGE THE WORLD for unborn babies, you bet I would.



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