Monday, August 11, 2008

Regina Caeli

Queen of Heaven rejoice!


  1. Very nice. Just like the other ones you've posted in the past.

    Say, you had a couple of really good posts up recently in which comments were restricted, then you took them down. How come? In one posting you mentioned how insults would never hurt you and how you were "lost in Him" - or something to that affect. That was some FANTASTIC writing. Should reconsider re-posting at least that one.

  2. Thanks Tom. Maybe I will post it... thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Love it!

  4. Wait a minute! St. Jospeh is Carmelite now? I didn't know there was a Carmelite parish!

    Also...when I lived in Hopkins and was making my entry back into the practice of my faith, I went to St. Joseph several times. But not a lot. I was put off by the whole "greet your neighbor" thing before Mass, and it never waxed into fruition with meeting anyone for real, and I hated this forced greeting anyway as I wasn't there for a social hour. And once a visiting Nigerian priest gave a 45-minute homily during which he stated the main point several times without saying anything new.

    But that was when they didn't have a Pastor. Glad Carmelites are there...maybe should go back there for a visit?

  5. Are those priests "real" Carmelites? When I look at the Catholic Directory, I see no religious affiliation after their names.

    Or are they diocesan priests who have also taken Carmelite vows?

  6. Ray - not sure what their canonical status is but they are a diocesan community/public association - again, I do not know the canonical terms. They have been around for years, are permitted to call themselves Carmelites, etc. I know them well. I think they have 3 priests now and the rest are brothers. St. Joseph's is not a Carmelite church/parish, it is where Fr. Dvorak has been assigned and his community lives in the parish - Father and the community serve the diocese. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I posted Brother's email if anyone is interested in further information.

    There are numerous communities that follow the Carmelite rule and are called Carmelites - in Minnesota and throughout the states - many are technically Third Order Regular as opposed to Secular - altho they follow the Carmelite Rule. The two ancient Orders of Carmel consist of the Calced and the Discalced. These men are a real as any Carmelite.

  7. Adoro - I didn't say there was a Carmelite parish - my response to Ray should answer your questions - or contact Fr. Dvorak.

  8. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Hi Terry -

    I like your work. The subjects and coloring are very clear and vibrant and unmistakable. It tells the story in a straightforward manner, which is important for sacred art (after all, it might be used as a teaching tool.)

    Thanks for spreading the beauty!

    Susan from Akron

  9. I think this is just beautiful.

    It is a piece I would like to share with my dds at Easter.

  10. Hello. This is a beautiful picture. I am making a little prayer card of the Regina Caeli for me and my friends. I was wondering if I could put it on the prayer card. Please?!

  11. Yes indeed Youth - you may publish it.


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