Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rumour Has It!!!

It is Cathy's Birthday today! Happy Birthday Catherine of Alexandria!



  1. Yeah, her new album comes out on May 20th.
    Hey, why are your comments closed to only Google/Blogger peeps?

  2. I think I changed access so that anonymous people couldn't comment because some anonymous person - who I probably know - disagreed with me on a couple of posts. I don't mind if someone disagrees, I just like an identity along with it. I'll fix it.

    When I lived in Boston, this song just came out BTW. Styx.

  3. Sorry, but this Donna Summer song is one I'm not familiar with. But I do like it!

    Oh, and yes, our blogger pal Cathy turn forty today! Which mean that when she was graduating from high school as a senior, I was still in 8th grade. LOL!

    All in good fun, guys:0)

  4. Should say "turns" and "means." Apparently, I still write like I'm in 8th grade :0(

  5. Ter: I'm partial to "I Feel Love" but this cut will do! Thanks!

    Tom: I hope you like older women or there is no hope for our relationship. :-)


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