Thursday, February 14, 2008

What I think of Valentine's Day...

Not much.
I thought I should mention him though - since he is a saint - although there are several Valentines, three commemorated in the old martyrology on February 14. I know the Roman Church celebrates Cyril and Methodius on this date, therefore I assume St. Valentine is no longer celebrated universally. The 'holiday' in the U.S. is little more than a spectacle of sentimental camp and romance.
I chose this picture of St. Valentine as patron of epileptics. He is depicted healing an epileptic young man.


  1. This is better than my post. Although, Terry, how about a least chucking some flowers down Cathy's way? Friends can give other friends flowers for Valentine's Day, except, of coarse if that friend is a guy. LOL!


  2. He is also invoked against fainting.
    I have to be the matron of honor in a Tridentine wedding on July 19th in a non air conditioned church.

    I intend to speak to St. Valentine very soon.


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