Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Cathedral of Los Angeles

Above the bronze doors of the new Cathedral stands this figure of Our Lady. Both were designed by the Mexican born, Los Angeles sculptor, Robert Graham, who coincidentally is married to actress Anjelica Huston. I believe the architectual design of this Cathedral would be considered "Post-Modern" as opposed to the International Style I reference on my post at Abbey Road2.


  1. That statue is one of the few really good works of art in that whited sepulchre.
    I've been wanting to post a series on good modern churches that don't reflect past styles, but every time I try, I get a lot of knee-jerk reactions condemning them. You know what a knee-jerk reaction is, don't you? The reaction of a jerk.

  2. Jeron7:43 AM

    It's hideous.

  3. Only the Blessed Virgin is humble enough to allow her image to be seen that way in public. The rest of us would die of embarrassment.

  4. I know - especially with that haircut.


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