Monday, November 20, 2006

November 21st - on this date in history...

The third session of Vatican II closed in 1964.
The Servant of God, Pope Paul VI closed the third session of Vatican Council II on this day by announcing a change in the Eucharistic fast and formally declaring Mary as "Mother of the Church," as had always been taught.
Maybe His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will use this anniversary to announce the new indult for the liberalization of the traditional rite known as the Ordo of Pius V.
Probably not - but when he goes to Turkey next week, if he were to be assassinated there, will it ever be promulgated?


  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    The Pope will not be assasinated and the indult will be promulgated.

  2. Let us not speak of such a thing happening to the holy father.

  3. I've had his safety in my prayers for the last month. I think I'll keep him there.

    If the indult comes, there will be some whoop-de-doo, but I think that most Catholics won't care for it. They would prefer not to change and they sure don't want any onerous requirements.

    Most Catholics don't want solemn and reverent services; they want joyful community celebrations like they see on the television evangelists' shows.

    Good for Father Fox that he has raised the issue with his parishes. Once a month sounds like a good start.


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