Sunday, October 15, 2006

St. Teresa had a sense of humor.

Pictured, Bea Arthur in the role of Teresa of Avila.

Mystical Doctor of the Church that she is, she had a very homely manner of writing, a wit that shows through even in her loftiest works. The digressions she indulges in as she wrote her autobiography dramatize her personal style while lending us ever new and revealing insight into her personality, that some have described as vivacious. Curious term for a contemplative nun.

Recently there has been discussion concerning a new movie in the works exploring her sexuality, which I find disturbing. Not knowing much about it, there is little I can say about it, except - NOT!

Nevertheless it got my creative juices flowing and I came up with an idea of a sit-com based upon her life. I immediately thought of Bea Arthur ("Maud", "Golden Girls") in the role of Teresa, with Christine Baranski ("Cybil Shepard Show", "The Birdcage") as the Princess of Eboli. They could spar over her writings as they did in real life - only make it funnier - wasn't it the Princess who had an eye-patch - or am I getting my nobility mixed up? Actually, the sit-com could focus on the Princess, after the death of her husband, when she entered the monastery of Pastrana, and became the source of so much grief - now that's a show.)

In one scene, Teresa could be traveling to make another foundation, the coach falling in the river, Bea Arthur, with her dead pan humor, looking up to heaven, as in the photo here, saying, "No wonder you have so few friends when you treat them like this." Then guffaws of canned laughter. The entire production could be done similarly to the British sit-com, "Absolutely Fabulous!"

I think it could work. Maybe I should contact "Act One" in Hollywood to see if they'd be interested. I better write a script first.

What did Lovitz have to say when I pitched the idea to him?
"Oooooo! EDGY!"

:) :) :)


  1. I want your autograph!

  2. just me7:21 PM

    Glenn Close would do a great Princess of Eboli! I really don't like Glenn Close :(
    I don't like the princess, either. Maybe she changed her ways and became a saint later on. Do you know?
    And yes, she was the one with the patch in her eye.

  3. I'm sure the princess was saved, she may yet be in purgatory - so pray for her. Now puppy, do not be angry at Glenn Close for her role in "101 Dalmatians" - nevertheless, she is too old to play the princess. I'm doing the casting and Christine Baranski, albeit older, would be very funny as the princess, especially when she drinks.
    Now what I think you should do is submit a question to my new spot, "Ask Terry" - I think you need some advice.

  4. just me8:21 PM

    I never liked Glenn Close, much less after "Fatal Attraction". By the time she got to the dalmatians she was on the black list already. I'm sorry to report I don't know who Christine Baranski is but, if you are her agent, I'm sure she'll do fine.
    As far as the princess being in Purgatory or not... well, a sore topic for tonight. I burned my finger while cooking dinner and I can't stop thinking about the pain, which was so real and difficult to bear. It was only a finger. So maybe the question for the Ask Terry column should be: is the fire of Purgatory real or is it just an allegory to describe the intense longing of the soul to reach Heaven?


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