Monday, October 07, 2019

Our Lady of the Rosary

Pray the Rosary everyday.

Today is the great feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, originating in thanksgiving for the defeat of the Turks at the Battle of Lepanto - which thrilled me as a little boy, 'knight of the Immaculata'!

Tradition tells us Our Lady gave the Rosary to S. Dominic as a means to evangelize those mislead by the Albigensian heresy. This is appropriate, as the Rosary is meditation upon the Creed - the mysteries of faith - which is what every heresy obscures.

At Fatima, Our Lady identified herself as Our Lady of the Rosary - and all that implies for our day - especially her request for the First Saturday devotion - with emphasis upon keeping her company while meditating up the mysteries of the Rosary - which, after long practice, one realizes is meditation upon the Creed. Our Lady, more or less deepening our faith in and through the lights she imparts as we do so.

It is she who conquers all heresies and it is she who obtains every grace and mercy for Christians, as well as those who seek God. There is no grace, nor mercy, ever refused through the prayers of the Rosary. Sr. Lucia went so far as to insist Our Lady wants everyone, Catholic and non-Catholic, to pray the Rosary every day. At every apparition Our Lady urged the Fatima children to pray the rosary every day.

Today we celebrate and honor the Madonna del Rosario with great devotion and ostentation - yet Caravaggio captured the essence of of Our Lady - Madonna del Popolo - Mother of all peoples, refuge of sinners, especially those most in need of mercy. He showed Our Lady in ordinary life, with ordinary and extraordinary people. St. Therese said she is more mother than queen, and I agree.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.


  1. A great spiritual weapon dismissed by Protestants & Evangelicals as repetitive prayer.


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