Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Spy Wednesday ...

Spy Wednesday is a reference to Judas Iscariot's intent to betray Jesus, which he formed on Holy Wednesday ...

To understand what that might look like in our day, go to the 1P5 website, or peruse the editorialized links on Canon 212, and maybe click through the articles listed at the Big Pulpit aggregate - paying special attention to the links to Douthat, and what's that guy's name - oh yes, former Catholic Rod Dreher.  

The Passion of Christ is so not just a film.

Remember Catholic Fundraiser too.


  1. Very sad to see Dreher joining Douthat in his nuanced, duplicitous attack on Pope Francis. Is this really the same Dreher who was defending Laudato 'Si not a long while ago? I seriously fear that Douthat, Keating, and their ilk will soon follow Steve Skojec and gang into a de facto schism, all the while believing that they are the only ones who walk in the light...


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