Thursday, July 27, 2017

I have a theory on President Trump.

The new 'saints' Boris and Gleb.
Restoring moral order?

I think he deeply respects Putin.

Doh! Like we didn't know that already.  Yet we are not completely sure why, are we?

I think it's becoming clearer the longer Trump is in office.  It seems to me his fascination with the Russian leader stems from his desire to emulate Putin's style of governance, and exercise of power.  (Trump doesn't have people killed, he just fires them and shames them by character assassination, to some extent.)

That said, he admires Putin's strength, his sense of command, and most of all, his decisiveness.  I think he sees Putin as a moral leader, and he desires to be respected in the same manner.  Don't freak out, don't jump to point out all of his flaws, don't say, 'but, but, but!'  Set aside all the negative narratives and just imagine him in the way he sees himself, and as his supporters do - some even see him as a Charlemagne, or the savior white knight, riding in on a stately white horse, making America great again.  Kind of like Putin.

Reversal of fortune for LGBTQ?

I started comparing notes a while back, but yesterday's sudden tweet about banning trans-genders from military service signaled to me his determination to be like Putin.  (Perhaps they even discussed it in the secret hour long meeting recently?)  Again, don't freak out - whatever you think about LGBTQ notwithstanding - look at his decision objectively.  He fundamentally betrayed a whole group of people, many of whom supported him, whether they admit it or not.  Trump was supported by many gay Republicans, as well as trans people.  Many means just a certain unknown percentage, to be sure, but they were there.  And he betrayed them.  It's well known that Ivanka and Jared influenced Trump to abandon executive orders that would overturn LGBT rights, and maybe they've stepped in once again this week, but Trump seems determined to restore the moral integrity of the United States - or impose it - even by draconian methods if necessary.  Scrapping previous privileges and rights granted by executive orders to LGBTQ persons.

Consider Russia's treatment of homosexuals and banning LGBTQ rights - even tolerating the Chechen campaign against gay people.  Trump seems to like that sort of power - again, it is what he admires about Putin.  So, yeah, I'm basing my idea on how Trump will govern pretty much totally on how Trump deals with LGBTQ issues, perhaps under the influence of Putin.

S.s Boris and Gleb deliver us.

It may be too early to call it, but I think there will be a backlash - to be sure from LGBTQ activists - but even more so from right wing moderates and more surely, right wing extremists.  The transgender revolution may just be the red line conservatives are not willing to let them cross.  I may be wrong - maybe.  But there seems to be a movement brewing and Trump wants to be the hero.  He wants what Putin has grabbed.  In fact, I think he envies the Russian palaces and pomp Putin restored - to make Russia great again.  This should be no surprise to anyone, since Trump early on had his personal residences designed and embellished in a very regal manner - suitable for a monarch - or at least, an oligarch.

Just something to think about.  I may be wrong - I am frequently.

First Family.  Trump penthouse.



  1. Wow ... the picture of Trump, his waifu and child is an old one, yes? Melania looks gracious while everything else looks gaudy. Great view but I'd rather have a view of the wild and rustic Pacific ocean. I've had the privilege of being in three fabulous homes in Malibu where the view was just gorgeous.

    Anyway, where was I?

    Ah yes! I still pray for President Trump out of respect for the office and for the safety of all peoples but I have become more disappointed in his style as time goes on especially in his current treatment of AG Sessions. The first Republican Senator to stand and support him from the very beginning when everyone else thought (and probably still do) Trump an incompetent buffoon.

    So there it is ... as has been reported, someone disagrees with this current president, they are thrown under the bus in a very public way (oh yeah ... let's humiliate them while we're at it too) or fired in a very public way. In my humble opinion, that is not the way an honorable man would do things no matter if you scrub floors, toilets or flip burgers. You deal with your people in a respectful, discreet and mature manner.

    So if he's so into himself he needs to remember that but then again he ain't no Putin who just has his coons kill off the folks who would dare to defy him. At least that's the chisme out on the street. ;)

    As far as the other issue of transgenders serving in the Armed Forces ... I read Bruce Gender is up in arms! But wait there's more!

    "Defense Department to Trump on transgender ban: Not so fast"

    In a memo to service chiefs and commanders, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford, Jr. declared no changes to the policy until "the President’s direction has been received by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary has issued implementation guidance" -- which has not yet happened.

    “In the meantime, we will continue to treat all of our personnel with respect”

    Yep ... no Tweet is official just because it's Trump trying to shortcut the process. His word is not final in these matters. Gee ... is he gonna fry Mathis too?

    1. I'm a political genius! Not. Just thinking out loud here over morning coffe with myself. Haha! Although I may make about as much sense as White House staffers in the West Wing.

    2. Nah ... I get you. I had to rant too because I am tired of Trump's. :)

    3. Haha! He's got everyone guessing.

    4. I won't afford him such a luxury. ;)

      I did read though that in less than one year, North Korea will have the capability to bomb the US. Anything can happen til then, who knows?

  2. But a lot of Americans are sick of gay and transgender alphabet soup being emphasised and pandered to. Yesterday I read commentary on wartime conditions from a soldier, who said that it's stressful and boring enough for the well adjusted and that adding transgender to the equation would make things a lot more difficult.

    1. I agree. I remember reading something about allowing them to shower together too. Not sure how true that is but well, why even go there and stress and distract even more then again, perhaps there are trans folks who really want to serve. Idk.

      Til then, will be interesting to see what Mathis has to say as Secretary of Defense.

    2. P.S. I almost swooned when I caught a glimpse of Putin in that Napoleonesque like portrait. He cuts a dashing figure and is handsome even but then I remembered who he is irl. ;)

  3. Intrinsically, there is nothing wrong with a ban on transgenders in the military; transgenderism (regardless of what the activist-paid APA may claim) is most likely a psychiatric or neuropsychiatric illness, and it would certainly compromise the ability of an affected individual to serve. To deny this is simply a symptom of how the "virus" of equality has infected us.

    That said, it is entirely possible to make a good decision or even perform a good deed for the wrong intentions (intent being, as you probably know better than me, one of the fonts of morality). Trump's intent may be to impress Putin (or simply to give Obama a raspberry) rather than to restore sanity and moral order, but the consequences are hard to calculate.

  4. I'm thinking that TRUMP is spreading the errors of Russia!

    From Gary Voris' Church Militant: Our Lady of Fatima in 1917 called for the conversion of Russia, or else Russia would spread Her errors. .....

    Trump is now spreading the errors of Russia!

  5. and I stealing that Trump baby pic!

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  7. wallacehamilton6:15 AM
    A great deal of "food for thought" in this post Terry. I am on a much needed diet. Abstaining from all the "bad" foods like internet junk food. Yaya's example has me praying for a man I never trusted or liked Remember we have seen Trump and Company in NY for fourty years. He has not changed. Just aged like the rest of us. St Jose has his work cut out for him. Like a good father he is calm, trusting and steadfast. I am confident he knows what he is doing. Trump not so much.


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