Thursday, April 06, 2017

Gänswein talks.

In a new interview, "Archbishop Georg Gänswein,  Prefect of the Papal Household and private secretary to Benedict XVI, denies all the rumors and recent interviews about alleged pressure that led Joseph Ratzinger to resign."


1) On the rumors about alleged pressure from the US government under President Barack Obama to push for Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation. Rumors and plots recently relaunched in some articles and interviews, from which Pope Ratzinger ended up emerging as someone weak.

G: “It’s not true, it is invented, it is a groundless statement- Don Georg said - I spoke to Pope Benedict after this interview, and these rumors, he said that it is not true. His renunciation was a free decision, well thought out, as well as prayed for. The things I have read recently are invented and not true. - Read more here.
Be certain to read the rest of the interview.  One Pope, one Church, happy, happy, happy.  Notice the word Gänswein repeats, 'invented'.  These stories are invented.  Their connections to spurious messages associated with apparitions and private revealtions regarding two popes does not fit with reality.

He also responded to the idea of a gay lobby.  Which pretty much accords with what I have often said.  The Archbishop says it better, and of course, knows what he is talking about:

The secretary of Benedict XVI also answered a question about the “gay lobby” in the Vatican. “I don’t think the gay lobby is a power lobby - he said – there was an attempt to put things right and to give the necessary response.” But “the importance of this group has been exaggerated; an answer and a solution were given at the time. Speaking of power lobby is not only exaggerated, but a hundred times exaggerated. “ - Vatican Insider
I've just about had it
with these stupid rumors!


  1. I don't trust Archbishop Ganswein, he works for Francis. I trust no one these days, save Jesus alone.

  2. That sounds an awful lot like Protestantism to me...


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