Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"It's A Wonderful Life"

Unless you're depressed like George Bailey was.
Didn't you just want to beat up Uncle Billy? Losing the deposit like that?
This is the best film ever to capture the stress of Christmas.
In the end, it turns out well - it's heartwarming and touching - but before you get there, it's depressing and dark. All stories do not always end so brightly.
Remember those who have lost fortunes or just basic jobs at this time of year. Remember the mentally ill, the depressed, those thinking of taking their own lives, or those suffering from terminal illness.
It's not such a wonderful life for them.

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  1. The Blessed Virgin is the ultimate recourse for those whose life is not so wonderful. Not for nothing is she depicted with seven swords in her heart. She gets it. She knows all about sorrow. She saved St. Francis de Sales from throwing himself into the Seine in a black fit of depression. "Notre–Dame de Bonne Délivrance,"they call her in Paris. I have her statue here with me. Bonne nuit!


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