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Islam and the Blessed Virgin Mary

Loreto and Islam.

The Translation of the Holy House of Loreto.

I happened upon an interesting note on the web of a Muslim man stating he believed that peace between Islam and Christianity could very well come about through Our Lady. He said Muslims and Christians have devotion to her. Here is the article:

ROME - 3 July 2006
Mary can bring religions together says Muslim writer. An Egyptian Muslim and deputy director of a prominent Italian newspaper has suggested that Mary could be the figure to bring Christians and Muslims together.

Mr Magdi Allam of Il Corriere della Sera has launched an appeal in the pages of the national daily newspaper to Muslims in Italy to visit Marian shrines. The journalist said that he is convinced that the Virgin Mary is a meeting point between Christians and Muslims. "Mary is a figure present in the Koran, which dedicates an entire chapter to her and mentions her some thirty times. In Muslim countries there are Marian shrines that are the object of veneration and pilgrimage by Christian and Muslim faithful," he said. "Therefore, I believe that if this happens in Muslim countries, why can't it happen in a Christian country, especially in this historical phase in which we need to define symbols, values and figures that unite religions, spiritualities and cultures?" he asked.

In Allam's opinion, "the Marian pilgrimage of Loreto - Italy's National Shrine - could represent a moment of meeting and spiritual gathering between Muslims and Catholics, around Mary, a religious figure that is venerated by both religions." -ICS

Interestingly enough, he may be correct. I have always considered Our Lady's apparitions at Fatima to have at least some inferrence to Islam, since the name Fatima was the name of Mohamed's favorite daughter. Bishop Sheen also had said some things in this regard.

Along with the miraculous image of Our Lady of Good Counsel, the Holy House was once in Croatia and miraculously transported by angels to Italy. Many saints and popes have made the pilgrimage to Loreto, Bl. John XXIII went as a pilgrim to ask the Blessed Virgin's intercession for the Second Vatican Council. John Paul II had been there many times as well. It is a scientific marvel - the house, now enclosed in an edicule within the basilica, rests without foundations on the bare ground. (For further reading on the image of OL Good Counsel, see an earlier post on my other blog, Rome-ing Catholics.)

Both The Holy House and the image of Our Lady of Good Counsel were transported by angels away from Muslim invaders. The Sacred Image was carried from their onslaught of the Balkans. The Holy House was transported, first from the Holy Land to Croatia, and what seems now providential, to Italy. Some people dispute these stories as mere legends. I do not. I spent nearly a week at Loreto and never left the Holy House except when they closed the Basilica at night. I had been enraptured by it, literally.

Photo of the Cairo apparition.

Finally, Our Lady appeared above a Coptic Church in Cairo, Egypt in the 1970's. Her apparitions were witnessed by thousands of people while the apparitions were even photographed. Our Lady said nothing however. Muslims and Christians both were witnesses to the Cairo apparitions that the Coptic Church later confirmed as being authentic. Our Lady promised at Fatima that in the end her Immaculate Heart would triumph, that Our Lord had entrusted the peace of the world to Her.

We need to pray our rosary I think.


  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    After reading the first paragraph, the first thing that popped into my head was the rosary, and come to find out, the last statement you made was about praying the rosary also. It made me smile. (Great minds think alike, ha ha)

  2. Those Zeitoun apparitions, especially so recent, are really interesting. Rome has approved veneration by the faithful

    Here are two more sites with links to Zeitoun. There might be duplications here.

    There have been recent apparitions of the Blessed Virgin in Syria, also:

  3. There is an excellent video on the internet about God's peace plan between Muslims and Catholics, the Blessed Virgin is the key. The video ties in with your post, giving further evidence to what you have claimed.

  4. Anonymous7:17 AM

    In the Name of God

    Peace be upon you,

    I am a muslim named Yasin Ali and i am much interested in Fatima's apparitions. As you may be know, the shii muslims are venerating his excellency Fatima as the Lady of the women of the world peace be upon her. His excellency Fatima has been the most extraordinary woman created by the Unique in human history altogether with Mariam (mary) peace be upon her, Asia peace be upon her and Khadija peace be upon her. Although i don't have any proof of that, reviewing the Fatima apparitions just make me believe in the fact that the lady who appeared at Fatima was precisely Fatima and that the teaching she gave to the three yougs pastors was that of islam. I am not imposing a view just asking you your opinion about that theory.

    Nice day

    Yasin Ali

  5. My dear brother, Yasin,

    The lady who appeared at Fatima was not Fatima, but Mariam, the Mother of Jesus, and the Queen of peace. I believe she chose Fatima to make known her message because of her love for Islamic people and in gratitude for the honor the true believers amongst them accord her. I do not think she was teaching Islam, but rather inviting Islam to accept her son Jesus as the only Son of God, Allah. May he be praised.


    Terry Nelson

  6. The Blessed Virgin is appearing so that she might lead the whole of humanity closer to her son.

    There is an excellent video on it

  7. Anonymous3:26 AM

    in the name of GOD

    thanks Terry for your post. Well off course i know that christians believe that the Lady who appeared at Ourem-Fatima was his excellency Maryam daughter of Imran peace be upon them. Besides the famous three secrets which put a shadow on the teachings given to the three pastors during this five apparitions.

    My idea is as follows:
    1/ the angel apparitions in 1915 and 1916 aimed at teaching the purification and the prayer to the pastors in order to prepare them to the apparition (because the Lady was not corporal but spiritual so that it is purity and not everybody can experience and see such a phenomena, it is not a miracle, it is only a more elevated level of existence). The three pastors learnt the ablutions (wudu)the prosternation (sujud), and shahadatain (la ila illa allah muhammad rasul allah).
    2/ the Lady appears to the pastors (the rain is aimed at purifying the assembly) and begins its teachings
    3/ the five pure people come to them (they are Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn peace be upon them)
    4/ the Lady announces the coming of the twelwth imam called al mahdi (the white knight)
    5/ the rosary is not something else than the rosary of Fatima which has been recommanded every day after the five mandatory prayers

    Well sister Lucia do santos never agreed to call the lady Maryam and she always speaks about her with "the lady of the rosary" the white lady or something else.

    There lots of signs like that, that's no proof but only clues and generally speaking religious messages are mixed with a kind of inductive reasoning which doesnt deliver proof that easy

    yasin ali

  8. yasin ali, what you have said simply isn't true.

    You are ignoring every word that Maryam said, or you are selecting tiny little bits here and there which correspond to your imaginary plan.

    The children prostrated themselves before the Blessed Sacrament which is Jesus Christ appearing under the visible apprearence of bread.

    What also are the prayers that they said when they were prostrating themselves? They were all either prayers to the Most Blessed Trinity, to the Divine Lord Jesus Christ or to Our Lord hidden in the Blessed Sacrament.

    Prostrating is a way of praying that pre-dates Islam! Catholics were doing it long before Islam encouraged the practice!

    Look in to what happend next to the three children? did they become Muslims, no, rather they wished for all people to love Jesus Christ and become Catholics. Did Almighty God deceive them? NO, that is not of His blessed nature. Is God incapable of communicating to those open to His messages? Of course not!

    My friend, I invite you to follow the message of Maryam, of the Lady of the Rosary (which is an official title of Maryam's dating back centuries) and become a Catholic- for the salvation of your soul.

    You are close to Maryam and she wishes to lead you to the truth about her son.

  9. Anonymous7:34 AM

    in the name of God

    peace be upon you

    thanks for your post miles mariae

    that's very interesting to communicate with you. I do understand that my theorie can appear just as imaginations and i don't pretend that it is true just because i have NO historical proofs of that. and unfortunately for you, i just DONT believe the official version given by the Church (sorry if you feel hurt by my words, it is not my intention but my profound sentiment)

    I believe the church has NOT told us the truth about that. Out of the 3 pastors , Jacintha and Francisco, the strongest people in their faith, just dead within few months after the apparitions. As for Lucia, she has lived almost a century, probably to be able to spread the message but she just kept silent and that sounds to me very astonishing (sorry to tell you that)

    I am not attacking the catholic faith, just the official version given of the fatima apparitions.

    Any way, i still respect the people of faith which you are and i hope for you the best

    yasin ali

  10. Anonymous7:39 AM

    in the name of God

    also i am sorry i dont have access to the video (no access to the site, may be blocked by filters i dont know..)

    I know that prosternations existed before the revelation of God to his excellency Muhammad son of Abdollah peace be upon him and his pure family.

    Christianity before Muhammad sas was the true faith (from a muslim point of view of course)


  11. The lives of Blessed Jacinta and Fransisco went on 3 years after the first apparition and there are many excellent biographies for them, there is no conspiracy- Blessed Jacinta dies shortly after receiving her first Holy Communion- this was her greatest joy!

    Sr Lucy was also not 'silenced' from day 1, on the contrary, she became a religious sister (devoted her life to a silent contemplative life in a convent) and was required under obedience to write accounts of the apparitions- these are contained in her 2 books 'calls' these are excellent books. They are bestsellers and have spread the message of Fatima throughout the whole world.

    Sr Lucy was only silenced in later life and this was under obedience to her religious superior so that she could devote her full life to prayer rather than being inundated with visits and lectures and things of that kind as would have happend. God called Sr Lucy to live a contemplative life of intimacy with Him and she understood this was her vocation.

    The videos are embedded on my blog maybe it will work there, I do encourage you to watch all 5 parts of the documentary, it explains as far as possible the most Almighty's plan to use the Blessed Virgin Mary to lead all people to the fulness of truth about Him.

    There have been many other apparitions of the Blessed Virgin, many of them directed towards Muslims, there is no conspiracy theory. The Most Blessed Virgin will lead us to the truth about her son. Feel free to e-mail me, but please try and watch the videos and most importantly pray to Almighty God for clarity.



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