Sunday, March 19, 2017

Something really is wrong with the Archbishop Paglia commission ...

Paglia and the Art of Transgression.
The oddities of Archbishop Paglia’s 2007 commissioned mural stirred interest in other works by Ricardo Cinalli, the Argentinian artist who painted it. Why him? - Read more here.
Ricardo Cinalli's art is decidedly homoerotic and on some level fetishized.  The mural is what it is, but I've come to the conclusion that it lacks a clear, understandable catechesis and therefore fails as sacred art.  I may be wrong on that as well.  It works for me as art, but not sacred art.

My apologies for attempting to see something redemptive about the mural within an ecclesial setting.

I have nothing to say about the Archbishop.


  1. Interesting background. What strikes me is how adolescent the artists mindset is. Many of his explicit pictures could be found as grafetti in many bathrooms. He seems fixated on the phallus. I am reminded of Pompeii murals found in brothels. Of course the Romans worshiped sex as religion. Christianity raised this thinking to sex as a sacred sacrament central to procreation. The artist has talent, but like the adolescent boy, he cannot fully develop his personality and potential as a human male until he leaves the smut behind. I still find his murals compelling but am very bored with his other pieces. No pun intended!

    1. Yeah - I find the mural compelling as well and I do like his style.

      Your insight into how adolescent the artist seems to be in his obsession with male genitalia is right on I think. It is also why I referred to fetishism. It always reminds me of fertility cults in ancient religions and the idolatry of phallic symbols - as you say, sex as a religion. Perhaps that is why Paglia and the other priest guided him every step of the way?

      Oh well.

    2. Saint faustina guided the artist who painted the Divine Mercy every step of the way.


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