Monday, December 07, 2015

Vigil of The Immaculate Conception

HAIL, Virgin, most wise!
Hail, DEITY’S shrine!
with seven fair pillars,
and table divine!

Preserved from the guilt
which hath come upon us all!
Exempt, in the womb,
from the taint of the fall!

O new Star of Jacob,
of angels the Queen!
O Gate of the saints!
O Mother of men!

To Zabulon fearful
as the embattled array!
Be thou of the faithful
the refuge and stay.


V. Come, my lips, and wide proclaim
R. The Blessed Virgin’s spotless fame.

V. O LADY! make speed to befriend me.
R. From the hands of the enemy mightily defend me.

V. Glory be to the FATHER, and to the SON, and to the HOLY GHOST.
R. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.



HAIL, Queen of the Heavens!
Hail, Mistress of earth!
Hail, Virgin most pure
of immaculate birth!

Clear star of the morning
in beauty enshrined!
O Lady make speed
to the help of mankind.

Thee GOD in the depth
of eternity chose;
and formed thee all fair,
as His glorious spouse;

And called thee His WORD’S
own Mother to be,
by Whom HE created
the earth, sky, and sea.

V. God elected her, and pre-elected her.
R. He made her to dwell in His tabernacle.

V. O Lady, aid my prayer.
R. And let my cry come unto thee.

Let us pray.
Holy Mary, Queen of heaven, Mother of Our LORDJESUS CHRIST, and Mistress of the world, who forsakest no one and despisest no one, look upon me, O Lady, with an eye of pity and entreat for me, of thy beloved SON, the forgiveness of all my sins that, as I now celebrate, with devout affection, thy holy and immaculate conception, so hereafter, I may receive the prize of eternal blessedness, by the grace of HIM Whom thou, in virginity, didst bring forth, JESUS CHRIST our LORD: Who with the FATHER and the HOLY SPIRIT, liveth and reigneth in perfect Trinity, GOD, forever. Amen.

V. O Lady, aid my prayer.
R. And let my cry come unto thee.

V. Let us bless the LORD.
R. Thanks be to GOD

V. May the souls of the faithful, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
R. Amen.



  1. I happened to be on some site or another where someone in the combox said (in all CAPS)"Mary was not the mother of God. She was the mother of Jesus." I just rolled my eyes and moved on.

    1. The Protestant understanding is so impoverished - if only they could comprehend the scriptural significance.

  2. Curious, I am wondering if you can provide a little insight on the "source" link and the painting for this post Terry? Not real familiar with St. Bernard of Clairvaux.

    1. Hi - I just lifted the Office from the source - I have it in an old prayer book as well. The painting I lifted from Google - but the symbolism in the background is taken from the Litany of Loreto and the traditional Office of the BVM. The Madonna is shown in the pillar of fire, pillar of cloud which led the Israelites out of Egypt - at least that is my impression.

    2. I forgot to mention, my understanding of the Blessed Virgin derives from the Liturgy, Scripture and the Rosary - I'm not very familiar with the writings of St. Bernard. I'm familiar with St. Alphonsus and St. Louis De Montfort - but not many other Mariologists.


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