Sunday, September 06, 2015

More on the Spiritual Friends Movement ...

Totally disinterested.

From Austin Ruse.

I very much like Austin Ruse.  He has a very good essay on Crisis - again - on the subject of the New Homophiles - the group he has now conceded to refer to as Spiritual Friends.  I'm very serious when I say I admire Mr. Ruse and Deacon Russell for keeping watch on this 'movement' and challenging the orthodoxy of the project.  He adds much to the conversation - steers the less knowledgeable or easily influenced back on track regarding Catholic moral teaching.

Austin's post is pretty much a review of the book, Living the Truth in Love: Pastoral Approaches to Same-Sex Attraction.  Since he so highly recommends the book, I'll see what I can do to read it - down the road.  Please read the article at Crisis.  It's quite fair.  A comment from Joseph Sciambra is especially good.

What I really want to say is something I think people may miss about Austin Ruse - his humor.  I think they mistake it for sarcasm or snark - but whatever it is, I chuckle when I come across it.  Remember when he pointed out how Eve Tushnet and Joshua G. were pictured in their stocking feet for the newspaper interview they did?  I've made similar cracks about how these spokespersons occasionally appear in public - but it's pretty much to add a bit of comedy.

That said, I laughed out loud when I came across the following in Austin's article, discussing Rachel Lu's contribution to the book in his review, he writes:

She (Rachel Lu) says it necessarily requires the separation of “homoerotic attraction into different components or strands, rejecting the more explicitly carnal and affirming those that are less directly related to sex.” Eve Tushnet, for instance, writes that homoerotic love can be expressed by making soup for a girlfriend. - An Intellectual Challenge to the Spiritual Friends

 "Eve Tushnet, for instance, writes that homoerotic love can be expressed by making soup for a girlfriend."

I laughed so hard.

My apologies.  But it was funny...

No offense intended.

N.B. I think I may be wrapping things up with these conversations.

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