Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What we don't know about homosexuality is a lot.

Joseph Sciambra takes the blinders off.

There are real 'victims' who have lost their lives - Sciambra reminds us of that.  I'm always blown away by what Joseph reveals and what is at stake in the blanket approval of all things gay. Please, don't dismiss him.

Read this: Catholicism, Clarity, and the Gay Problem: An Answer to Dr. Janet Smith and the Current Courage Confusion.


  1. I found Joseph Sciambra's article very interesting. I find myself feeling guilty no matter what position I take on this subject -- I'm either guilty of being judgmental or guilty of being a dissenter. Lord, help us.

  2. I too have been very edified by his writings: crystal clear rendering of the life for men. I am grateful he does this.....always it makes me think about the blooming, the mushroom-ing, of a child's given deficits by family: and this tragedy just increases and increases as families take a hit. narcissism/alcoholism/workaholic parents/needy parents who need children to parent them/cruel ones/crazy ones......mostly: neglectful and rejecting I think. they cover it all. as you have said Terry: be kind, oh so kind, to all children and pray for them, the babies and the little ones.....for when we see an adult suffering, in a horrific 'life-style', what are we seeing but a facade covering a little child, lost.
    By-the-way Terry: at some Vatican site or other, is a newly released picture of King Louis XVI's crucifix, a staggeringly lovely painted Christ Crucified on a humble cross held by Louis at his death. I never saw a painted Christ on wood like this. really like it.

    1. Thanks - I will look for the crucifix.

    2. Thanks - I will look for the crucifix.

    3. I am too tired to be doing this: over wrought. the above seems to imply that a child Has 'Given Deficits' ~ I mean....a child accumulates deficits From within family....from parents with often profound problems.


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