Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I almost forgot! It's Pride Month - I should be bashing out posts condemning homogenitality...

What to say?

So anyway ... I can't recall where it was, but I was reading comments on the Nienstedt resignation and an anonymous commenter said Courage Apostolate should be done away with - it's too soft on gays.
The problem here is homosexuality, and indeed the Purple Prelates/Lavender Mafia are promoting what they claim to be against. The Church needs to take a stronger stance against homosexuality, starting with the group "Courage." It seems that the Lavender Mafia is also involved with "Courage." The name itself signifies a soft stance towards the homosexual condition itself. At least change the name to something like "Same-Sex Attraction Anonymous." Naming the group "Courage" is an insult to many people, especially saints like St. Agatha or St. Joan of Arc.

A bit off topic, but I was reading another post by a woman who appears to be concerned about the Pope's new encyclical - she deeply admires Rick Santorum, who feels the pope has no business meddling in climate change issues.  Anyway, she appears to be against any notion that man is capable of destroying God's creation, stating:
The idea that man can destroy God’s creation is a heresy.
My first reaction was, "Is she nuts?"


  1. Terry,

    What does the dog's costume have to do with pride week? Though I do love the costume and wish my dog would let me put one on her for Halloween, (I have a hump back Igor costume which that little sh*t refuses to wear for one minute..)

    I think that poster's use of language tells exactly where he or she is coming from...("purple mafia" lol..where do I get to sign up for that...do they give classes in strong arming Christian bakeries?? "Yea, see, we gots a problem here..the boss wants you to bake this here penis cake..and he wants it done right..see, or something else will be cooking in dat oven over der..ya got da message??" )

    I am amazed at how many right wing Catholics are blaming the gays on Nienstendt's resignation. Really??? They are busy arent they? People its Pride Month and the boyz are busy with other things right now..they will get back to the destruction of society once they sober up in July.

    And yes, that particular blogger seems to hold Santorum in higher regard then the Pope, especially since his stance on this is such a cynical political move to his base.

    1. Hi Mack! Good to hear from you! I posted the dog because his costume is funny-cute - that's all. Just nuts. Trying to be funny.

      I've been down but you made me smile! No - you made me LOL! Thanks my friend.

    2. Good I am glad! As the cliche goes, "This too shall pass."..and some more crap will be there but that's life right?

      Take care!


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