Thursday, August 07, 2014

Many people in Iraq need prayers.

A friend contacted me asking for prayers for her niece.
 I am writing to you today to ask for a spiritual favor from you: My niece, Katie is in Erbil (aka Arbil) Iraq.  My brother e-mailed to tell me that ISIS are about 20 miles west of there ... she is with a large group of other foreign nationals - Erbil is a place of international trade, and I guess people think they are safe there.  Well - I do not.  A large group of foreign, young adults - many archaeologists like Katie,  who want to preserve and protect a cultural heritage are there.
Please pray for these and all who are in harms way due to Islamic terrorists.



  1. I will add all of the young explorers to my prayers. I hope they will not come into harm's way.

  2. Thank you, Terry !
    I do hope those of you read this include my sweet niece in your prayers: and also of course our 100+ Americans in the consulate: I have been praying for the Iraq people for a while now never thinking Katie would be among them in quite this way....she loves the people there.
    I heard that now the US Is bombing the 'isis' forces outside to city....we all have heard for decades of presidents who declare there will be no war, no boots on the ground etc, but are then forced to do something -
    how demonic ISIS sounds to me !
    Thank you Yaya !


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