Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blog talk.

Waking song here.

Walking.  Walking, in the rain...

Last evening, while I was recuperating a bit, I scanned television and paused at some of the more bizarre channels.  Spanish soaps, Hmong dancing, movie channels, and endless religious talk shows or televangelists preaching.  One show was an interview with someone from the Middle East talking about the prophetic warnings they had been receiving concerning the attacks on and by Israel these days.  I finally came upon The Journey Home on EWTN.  I turned the television off.

It seemed to me the excursion through television land is very similar to surfing the Internet, and the surplus of religious blogs is much like all the televangelist channels.  It all becomes rather repetitive and boring - there is very little originality online or on television - and since I do not listen the radio - I can't speak to that, but talk shows have to get really old, right?  There's a sort of formula to it all - yet everyone seems to believe they have a specific mission.

Maybe they do.

This weekend I was looking through my archives - again - searching for something I wrote four or five years ago, suggesting that the time was coming when Churchmen would be much more accepting of gay people and gay relationships, and so on.  I must not have stated it as I remembered, but I came across page upon page of stuff I've written about gay people and gay Catholics ... err, SSA Catholics and a lot more.  I've written a lot - talk about repetitive and just saying the same stuff in a different way - over and over.

It's meaningless.

When we are on our deathbed we may understand just how meaningless all of this is.  How inconsequential, how vain, how much time wasted.  As we suffer from that realization we ought to be quick to remember that we'll be judged on every word we say - but not on what others say or have said - not even the Pope.

I think that is why I have a really hard time taking blogs seriously lately.  I'd rather read unedited interviews with Pope Francis.


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  1. Coming off retreat I have some of the same feelings. I've lost my taste (I hope not temporarily.) for TV and have a greater desire to pray the rosary. These two feelings make me think of John the Baptist. [The rosary] must increase, [TV] must decrease. The past few days without TV and increased rosaries have been very peaceful. And Mary must love it because at every approved apparition I can think of, she asks for the rosary.

    1. Good to hear you feel the same. It reminds me of Edith Stein - she said something like, "Words cannot save us now - only Jesus and him crucified, and I want to be conformed to him." Not an exact quote but it expressed her sentiments before entering Carmel. God bless you - well, I think he has!

  2. I have said it before and I say it again;
    these days I just skim over the "heated stuff" I can't be bothered since there is so much more that is so much more pressing and in need of serious prayer and conversion.

    Love the picture Terry. Was it photo-shopped? It speaks volumes.

    Thanks for the wonderful picture! Love it!

  3. I'm heading in the same direction. After all, I find myself wasting so much time surfing the Internet, when it could be much more profitably spent.

  4. Where'd you get the Hilary Jane Margaret White photo?


  5. You found it! The inspiration for Marge Simpson's hairstyle!


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