Friday, March 14, 2014

The "New Homophiles"* Now Have Videos! "Chastity Trialogues"!

Oh! My! Gosh!

From Melinda Selmys:
In case you're wondering what I've been up to the past couple of months, mostly I've been working on producing content for a Catholic chastity web-site that will be launching soon. The site itself is still a work in progress, but I can give a sneak-peek of some of the videos that we've produced.
Click here to view the videos.

They are short and sweet - and actually quite good.**  I especially appreciated the inclusion of Fr. Lino Otero in the 3rd video.  Very solid.  So far so good.  It all sounds very familiar as well.

Good job!

*No offense, but I really don't care for that moniker.

**Aside from the fact they all need a good stylist.

I know!


  1. Whoa, Terry, table two, saucer of milk...."meow"! : ) But kind of agree..people, a comb through the hair and a clean shirt does wonders for a presentation. However, those cable access kind of video shows do that to a person...I was on one (don't ask) and made the unfortunate mistake of wearing black (which I never do God knows why that day) and the background set was all black, so I look like a scary floating Oz melon head.

    On the other hand I am sure they are doing this out of their own time and dime, with the best of intentions to help others which is in the true spirit of Christ so good for them.

    Selmys fascinates me...she is just like so many of the" odd" girls in college..super smart (or in her case I should say hyper intelligent) socially awkward, and really interesting to talk to (if they can come down to your level for a minute.) I would be reading "The Stand," and she would be reading some intellectual treatsie from some philosopher, but she could still talk about "The Stand," kind of girl.

    Wonder what "Autin Ruse," will make of this? God made the world full on interesting people.

    1. I wasn't being snide - I'm serious about the visuals.

      Content was pretty close to what a Courage meeting might be like. I think their audience is people Courage may not attract.

      I think Austin Ruse would find little to criticize - just like me. The inclusion of the priest is important.

      I have known women like Selmys as well. I have a friend who married a woman like her - he's gay - she's not - they have several kids and have moved from Catholicism through several other movements and I think they are back to Catholicism. They are indeed interesting to talk too.

      My comment about needing a stylist came from my Jack MacFarland and Karen Walker personality. It just can't be helped. ;)

  2. That's going to be a tough sell. Leaving aside the weird pink glow, it would be helpful to have a face of the movement that looked like a representative member of the group you're trying to reach. And so, for example, if you're trying to reach prison inmates, you want a big masculine guy who looks like he could handle himself--someone with "street cred". Unfortunately, the gay men I knew from my clubbing/partying days would not be willing to sit through the video--except for kitsch value. They would think, "They don't know where I'm coming from..." Kind of like when I first converted and was starving for the faith, and saw nothing else on EWTN but cloistered nuns and Bob and Penny Lord... LOL

    1. You got it. I really thought content was good - but. Maybe Michael Voris's studio could help. Kidding.

      I checked out a gay Christian website Belgau seems to have some connection to, and most of the people I notice there have a similar style-look. The first time I saw Melinda Selmys on Life On The Rock, she looked a bit like a refugee.

      Most active gay people would not be interested in watching the videos. I think they are seeking those who do not like the Courage model or any notion of 'orientation' change - which is NOT the Courage purpose nor a part of Catholic teaching BTW. Those struggling with chastity, trying to live faithful lives, may be helped by the video program however. The discussions are familiar to me pretty much because I've already worked through the same conflicts they are discussing.

      Speaking of Bob and Penny - remember how Bob rolled his short shirt sleeves? That was such a '50's cool guy look. This relates to my stylist comment - each persona expresses who and what they are - and where they are coming from by how they dressed themselves for camera. Ron Belgau added to that by his constant ah-huh's when the priest was speaking - he wants to be in charge - so he dressed business casual. Eve came off the most authentic to me. Both women need a stylist really bad.

      Anyway - nothing un-Catholic about the content. So I wish them well.


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