Friday, January 24, 2014

Reasons For Concern

Daniel Mattson addresses concerns over the New Homophiles.

Mattson continues the discussion at Crisis.  It such a good essay on the movement and deserves serious study for those of us who have been troubled by so much of the literature emanating from the 'gay-Catholic' group.
These words from John Paul II’s 1985 Apostolic Letter Delecti Amici, addressed to the Youth of the World best sums up criticisms over the group of authors Austin Ruse has recently dubbed the “New Homophiles”: concerning sexual identity, they think primarily in earthly categories.
In the same Apostolic Letter, sharing insights from the Church, “custodian of fundamental truths,” John Paul II reiterated the story of Genesis, whereby “God created human beings: male and female,” with their “special ‘duality’” and “marvelous complementarity, in the matter of the division of the attributes, properties and tasks linked with the masculinity and femininity of the human being,” saying that this sexual duality of man “is necessarily inscribed in the personal ‘I’ of each one of you.”
To their critics, it has long seemed that the way the New Homophiles speak about homosexuality, and the importance they have given it in their lives, they must believe that homosexuality is inscribed in the personal “I” of everyone who lives with same-sex attraction. It was this continual focus on their homosexuality, and in the case of some authors, a seeming celebration of homosexuality as being somehow good, that led me to begin writing out of concern for their thinking in my essay, “Why I Don’t Call Myself A Gay Christian.”
Of primary concern for their critics is the use the New Homophiles make of the sexual identity language of the culture around them, a language that seems at odds with Church teaching on sexuality. On the issue of sexual identity, it seems they “think primarily in earthly categories.” - Finish reading here.

Well done! 


  1. This approach completely discounts what the sciences have discovered about human sexuality.

    God gave us brains for a reason.

  2. Good God I feel sorry for these people. Yes, they ARE naval gazers but most of them are young, intelligent people trying to make sense of their place in the world. If you read some of their writing you can tell they want to honor church teaching in regard to sex, they are struggling with celibacy...(and they are young, does any of the older farts like this Austin person remember what it was like to be young and full of hormones and your body not really caring what ANYONE says about it being wrong..its always easier to say sex isnt an important part of your life when you are older...because of biology it isn't as important as it once was) and yet they STILL get beat up by fellow Catholics.

    On one hand they grew up thinking they were freaks, you still have a portion of society telling them they are,(most of the people on that crazy Crisis Magazine site) you have another faction telling them they are fools for trying to follow Church teaching (personally I think things look very romantic when you are young, "sacrificing " your sexuality for your faith, but feel they will feel much differently when they are older and life has passed them by) and they have their own bodies pulling them in that direction. So of course they talk, and write and write and talk about this stuff..they are looking for support from a community, one they are not getting from the rest of the Church (which is really apparent from the combox on this and other articles, if other Catholics aren't being condescending they are being down right self righteous and nasty to them.)

    Who cares what they call themselves or if they tell people they are gay or whatever..(I love the totally ignorant comments from some writers "I don't feel the need to tell everyone I am straight," ..are people really that obtuse) they are "trying," to follow Church teaching, despite getting crap from everyone on all sides.

    Give em a break!! (not directed at you Terry, just the whole stupid "homophile," controversy.

  3. I know where you are coming from and what you are saying Mack. I think the issue, or concern critics of the group have has more to do with the attempt to change the teaching of the Church.

    Individually all of us struggle with these and other issues in life, without attempting to bend the commandments to suit our fallen nature or justify a life incompatible with the Gospel. The call of the Gospel is repent and conform our lives to the Gospel.

    These guys are most offended by how the Church has worded the prohibitions - they find the wording offensive. The language is not at all offensive, in fact each word is important to convey teaching.

    I appreciate your comment as well as Tom's.

    I feel a bit beaten down myself in and through all of these discussions.

    1. I'm sorry you feel beaten down.

      I think that these discussions often make people feel that way because some people in the Church do the same thing that they accuse LGBT advocates of doing: turning people into objects instead of whole persons. In actuality, I find that those in the Church who oppose LGBT rights are MUCH more likely to talk about gay people as only that--a type, or a "thing," and not as a whole person. "The gays this," or "those Sodomites that," or mentioning genitals every time the subject of gay Christians comes up.

      I know you're beaten down. I was too. Then I had to let it go. All of it.

    2. Thanks Thom - you are always my friend. I appreciate you and you know that. Thanks for adding to my posts. I know very well what you are saying.

      We must have confidence and never give up - always entrust ourselves to the Divine Mercy who alone knows our heart and draws us to himself.

  4. Terry,

    Please don't think that I am beating you down. I hope you know I appreciate other opinions even if I vehemently don't agree with them. You are the only Catholic blogger or actually any blogger) I have found who has a strong opinion on something but listens to the other side without demonizing them. I appreciate that.

    My defense on these people is that I see them as kids being attack from all side. One bog I happened to read had some gay guy throwing his relationship up in their face as being perfect way to live and they are missing out on something. I think I was as strongin responding there that you cant tell people how to live and you have to let them make their mistakes or successes.

    I just see so much animosity directed towards these people..people who I dont agree with...and I cant help but see the homophobia ( I now a pc term and I am far from pc) in calling them sodomites and just being negative at best and down right MEAN to them at worst..and it really p*sses me off.,

    Please dont think I am minimizing your beliefs or your life...part of the Church of Nice is that I have to accept we all have faith and good will and moving towards God and that He will decide. Faith to me is not just a list ot check boxes to get Heaven (okay I didnt have sex with a man) and total focus on eternal life, but God wants us to make THIS world good foreach other.

    Your last sentance :....always entrucst ourselves ot the Divine Mercy who alone know our heart and draws us to himself" says it all.

    1. Mack - no problem. It was something else - I sent you an email. Thanks buddy. I appreciate your kindness to the so-called new homophiles - you help me understand things better - you and Thom.


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