Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wow! An Open Letter to Pope Francis from Investigative Reporter Randy Engel ...

"... hand me the letta."

It's a long one too.
 Your Holiness,

It's difficult to know how or where to begin this Open Letter on the necessity of establishing a Papal Commission of Inquiry into Homosexuality, Pederasty, and the "Gay Lobby" in the Catholic Church. But since I must begin somewhere let me start with Question 21 posed to you by Brazilian journalist, Ilze Scamparini, during your first press conference of July 28, 2013 aboard the papal aircraft on route to Rome from World Youth Day in Rio ... Read it here.
Includes popular topics such as:

  • The Language of Gayspeak 

  • "Homophobia" as Ideology

  • I believe that you owe Archbishop Betori a public apology.

  • Homosexuality, Pederasty and Criminality

And so much more.

Seriously, I hope the Pope responds!  Oh please God!  Make the Pope respond!  Make him call Randy Engel, write her a reply, issue a public response in a newspaper, online - just explain what is going on - say something.  Please Lord... I'm tired of the Church ignoring these people, these questions, these issues.  Please Lord!  Even if he tells her to shut up - please make him respond.  Remember the  Importunate Widow!   Please!  It's not that difficult to respond to some one.

Thank you ahead of time.


  1. How do people become sede-vacantists or stay life-long members of the SSPX? They read people like Randy Engel. She sends readers down a very dark rabbit hole. I've read big chunks of her online book, "The Rite of Sodomy", and while much of it is undoubtedly true, much of it is marred by paranoia, innuendo and either detraction or calumny. After reading her book, I was always awkward around my old archbishop just because he was allegedly part of the "Bernardin club". Shame on her and shame on me.

    1. And BTW, please tell me she was joking when she wrote:

      "This is how you spell T-R-A-N-S-P-A-R-A-N-C-Y."

      Umm, actually no it's not...

  2. Randy Engel did not write about priests who are falsely accused and the injustice done to innocent priests in jail like Father Gordon MacRae. I would like Vatican to protect priests, as 75% of reports alleging child abuse are not substantiated but accusers and greedy lawyers receive treason money. Journalists never reports this. As well as bishops who are not protecting innocent priests, but protecting homosexual priests. This is tragic and a scandal, more so than the abuse and the presence of homosexual priests in the Church and their bad deeds.

  3. Thanks Scott - you got the gist of my post.

    The 'tone' of the letter is probably not going to win a response.

    I do wish those in authority were a bit more direct in responding to those who write this stuff. Don't issue statements or convey responses through curial officials - speak directly and be straightforward.

    I've only read parts of Engel's stuff. It's very much like "The Devil's Final Battle" - I think John Venarri wrote it.

  4. I thought Fr Kramer wrote The Devil's Final Battle. Will my faith be strengthened if I red the letter? Will I be edified?

  5. Servus - that's right - thanks. Was Vennari heavily quoted? Or what am I thinking of in his regard?

  6. There may be some Vennari quotes its been a long time. So do I need to read this letter?

  7. Servus - No - of course not. Unless you have never read her stuff before. It is certainly not edifying, your faith will not at all be strengthened. Of course, it isn't reading my blog either.

    1. Terry, I actually find some of your entries quite touching as well as thought-provoking.

  8. I have never read Engel's stuff until today. After reading her open letter (the bitterness was palpable) to Francis, I spent some time browsing her other thoughts. I don't mean this in any judgemental manner, but she strikes me as a person who is not at peace.

  9. I would like to know who in the hell this woman thinks she is? She needs to be reminded that, whatever her investigative credentials, she is a LAYMAN. As such, she has the right to bring her concerns to the pastors of the Church, but in a Charitable, respectful, and PRIVATE manner. Her "Open Letter" to Pope Francis, published for all the world to see, is outrageous and scandalous, as is the outrageously disrespectful way she "talks" to the pope in this Open Letter. How dare she! Again, who in the hell does she think she is? Will she cite in her defense St. Paul's dispute with St. Peter? I would remind her, then, that Paul was, like Peter, an apostle, a role she falls far short of possessing. In her tome THE RITE OF SODOMY, I am told that she repeats the accusations of active homosexuality made against the late Pope Paul VI. Is she not aware that that accusation was made against the pope by a militant who was angry at the former pope for defending Catholic moral teachings in one of his sermons? I have heard the accusation against Paul VI several times, usually made by schismatics, but have yet to see any convincing evidence of the accusation. Attacking the successor of St. Peter in public is a very serious thing in the eyes of the Lord. Is she not aware that her Open Letter is being used as cannon fodder by the enemies of the Church? Is she also not aware that her Open Letter is being published on sedevacantist websites and that she is receiving hosannas from schismatics for what she wrote and the way she raked the pope over the coals (as one sedevacantist site described her Open Letter)? Ms. Engel may be sincere and well-intenetioned, but what she did is scandalous, and she should seriously consider learning to watch both her mouth and her pen, before she gets a good dressing down from the Lord himself, God forbid.


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