Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR told me once after he heard about                          something I was reminded of after reading Mark                       Shea          meant  

When Fr. Zuhlsdorf left the St. Paul                But Fr. Paul Marx OSB was never asked    and then he died        however, Sr. Mary Martha reported

 that John Paul Erickson fired them for no        

When asked about the apparitions Pius               

Elizabeth Scali  on the other hand           told Katrina to shape

She said she'd rather eat paint off     when

Archbishop Dolan   and the drink was knocked       out of purportion

I was not drunk    touched me!   what
you filthy cow                                              not a pig 

what's a c                     Fr. Corapi never                     when Euteneuer told the de                       she stuck to the ceiling and firemen had to be called. 

Patrick Madrid    asked

Larry D      to        stop                       'I feel like I'm being stalked you f     freak!"

I'm scared to leave the house      with all the    

yard signs                        

ig                                norant                      sl                         ut                          pull my finger

Miss Brooks                                     molested

Walter Denton.

No I can't do that Adrienne said to Hilliard                              He's German I think

part Indian is what Cath                        Jeff I think, don't know his last name  Canon Peters

depilatory                                                    supository                    stay out of it
Kant?  Kan't?  
makes no sense                                    what is a                   Obama         ers ate the  Bachmann                        

No, I think    Belinda                       called the police

wet herself                            on the walk of fame

got her pregna                     popped        bber                         

Monsignor Ganswein

goose-wine   haha                             drunk again                      Mercury

Badger            not nuts, but maybe on                                                         the monastery    cracked under                         it happened in the cabin

Condoms and                                          closed now - dispersed

v                           dialogues                             oh mono                                                 kissed my                                      


Editors Note:   Seriously folks - this is pretty close to how it is for me to post on the new Blogger!   Although I kinda manipulated the end result. 


  1. Too bad 'cause it looks like one hell of a post!

  2. Seriously - I don't know if it's my browser - which won't let me comment at your place but I can at Kat's - you both have the same system. But trying to post on the new blogger is like trying to drive a car with the emergency brake on.

  3. Gee, it looks like you put a microscopic camera into Mark Shea's "mind"!

    Or is it Simcha Fisher's

    1. Why attack Mark Shea with such venom? And as a Christian "he does it too" is not an answer.

  4. I feel your pain...

  5. I think you just wrote e. e. cummings.

  6. Hey Terry,
    Great wanna bluefish on the

    briny.....you're a boat in a

    pea coat

  7. Strangely, I understood that.

  8. ROFLOL!

    PS> Got a post coming up next week for you regarding that f Abbey with laundering

    Blogger has been making me use new blogger for a while now. I'm against it.


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