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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The sacrifice of being displeasing to oneself, and even to others.

What some Carmelites who lived with St. Therese of Lisieux really thought about her.

After St. Therese's memoir, Story of a Soul, appeared in 1898, people began to report graces received at her intercession, and pilgrims came to Lisieux to pray at her grave. The question of her canonization arose. On October 15, 1907, Bishop Lemonnier, newly appointed bishop of Bayeux, called for information from those who had known Sister Therese of the Child Jesus; he was investigating her reputation for sanctity within the diocese. On November 9, 1907, Sister Therese of Jesus, who had lived in the Lisieux Carmel since before Therese entered, but who later left the Carmel at her own request in 1909, answered with him this letter.

I loved little sister Therese of the Child Jesus very much because of her youth. She was a good child, never making trouble, loving to give services. A good little character; she had her imperfections: everyone does.
I have never seen anything that suggests she could be raised to the altar. Getting up in the morning, filling her little day, never overloaded.
I lived 9 years and 6 months with her. I saw a child feted, cherished, adored, always placed on a pedestal. The Mother Prioress (then Marie de Gonzague) doted on her.
The blood sisters of little Thérèse considered her a paragon, always giving her compliments, telling her that she was a saint, and the rest. Ah! I thought: they are imprudent. Here is a child who is praised to the skies. When her hair was cut, they kept the hair as a relic. It is easy to be amiable when you are fawned upon."

Therese would rejoice in the above testimony. 

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  1. Julie9:11 AM

    From the looks of her photo, the good sister looks somewhat hard to impress.


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