Sunday, February 19, 2012

A good man.

+ David A. Geis, RIP +

After Morning prayer I had my coffee and decided to look through the paper - beginning with the obituaries.  So many people in their mid-forties were listed, "how young," I thought.  Then I happened upon a familiar name: Geis, David A..  It seemed as if my heart stopped momentarily.

I knew David had been ill and I had intended to send him a card, a note... but I never did.  We only knew one another because of our closeness to the Cancer Home and the Dominican Sisters, where David and his family volunteered, without fail, every weekend and holiday and days in between, practically all of their lives.  We talked... but that was about all.  I attended his dad's funeral - his dad was Dr. LeRoy Geis.  David loved his dad - as did the entire family of course, but David was particularly devoted to his father - a man worthy of devotion, I might add.  David emulated his father and like his dad, he was a noble-man if there ever was one.  I admired them both very much.

From a distance however.  Though they were always very kind to me, I wasn't ever sure how to be around them.  It's difficult to explain.  They were just 'so good' - for a long time I had a hard time believing they were authentic.  But they were - as is the whole family - extraordinary.  I'm sure I would have felt the same way about the Martins, the family of St. Therese.  I came from such a screwed up background, I could hardly believe my eyes to see such a happy family, selflessly devoting themselves to God and the service of their neighbor.  Their example - together as a family and individually - helped change my attitude about many things... far too many to recount here. 

I have no doubt David, like his father, is a saint.  Reprinted below is David's obituary from today's paper.
Devoted son, loving brother, gracious uncle and faithful servant of the Lord for 45 years, of Lamberton, formerly of Minneapolis and St. Paul, died Thursday, February 16, 2012, at his home, surrounded by family. Mass of Christian Burial will be at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, February 25, at St. Thomas Catholic Church in Sanborn. Visitation is 4:00-8:00 p.m. Friday at the church with a Rosary service at 7:30 p.m. Visitation will continue one hour prior to services at the church on Saturday. Interment is in Sanborn Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorials are preferred to Boys Town, Attn: Geis Memorial, 13603 Flanagan Blvd, Boys Town, NE 68010. Stephens Funeral Service - Redwood Valley Funeral Home is assisting the family with arrangements. David Arthur Geis was born June 21, 1966, in Minneapolis, MN to LeRoy F. and Dorothy P. Geis. He attended St. Thomas Academy, Waseca Ag School, and the University of MN. David lived out his dream of farming, land stewardship, and raising buffalo in southwest MN. He will long be remembered for his conservation practices, generosity, and faithfulness. David won many awards including: Minnesota Waterfowl Association Conservationist of the Year, Education Award for Outstanding Contribution from the Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Southwest Conservation District Conservationist of the Year from Farmer Magazine, Pheasants Forever Redwood Chapter Outstanding Contributor of the Year and Private Donor of the Year, Ducks Unlimited of the Minnesota Valley for Contributions in Conservation, and an Honorary Chapter Member of the FFA in Forest Lake. David was a member of the Minnesota Buffalo Association, Sons of the American Legion, Minnesota Waterfowl Association, Pheasants Forever, and was a Supervisor of Redwood Soil and Water Conservation District. He was also a member of St. Thomas and St. Joseph Catholic churches, serving on the parish council. David enjoyed gardening, planting trees, fishing, and reading his favorite author, Bishop Fulton Sheen. He loved spending time with his pets, especially his dog Duke, as well as entertaining family and friends. David was a dedicated volunteer at Our Lady of Good Counsel Free Cancer Home (now known as Our Lady of Peace). David is survived by his mother Dorothy; siblings: Juliann (Robert) Thavis, Michael (Tara), Steven (Kathy), and Brian; nieces and nephews: Christina, Rebecca, Luke, Brianna, Benjamin, Faith, Claire, Sophia and Matthew; aunts and uncle; dear cousin Rick Geis; and many other dear friends and relatives. He is preceded in death by his father Dr. LeRoy F. Geis. - Source
Never doubt the power of good example; good works and fidelity to the duties of one's state in life, combined with a devout life of prayer, Mass and the sacraments - it is the royal road.  My deepest sympathy to the Geis family.


  1. I've been trying to daily meditate on death the past few weeks. It's strange how realistic that (death) becomes to you when you're 45. This man was 2 months younger than myself. Conchita Gonzalez one of the alleged seers of Garabandal asked Our Lady:

    "I am so happy when I see both of you. Why don't you take me now to heaven with you?"

    She replied, "Remember what I told you on your patronal feast day? When you present yourself before God, your hands must be filled with good deeds done for your brothers and for His glory. At the present time, your hands are empty."

    I look at this Man's life and feel confident that his hands were full of good deeds when he stood before God at this judgement. That is an inspiration. My greatest regret is that I did not spend my youth in living for GOD. GOD grant me that grace to spend the remainder of my life for His greater glory and my own sanctification....


    by St. Teresa of Avila
    O my God! Source of all mercy! I acknowledge Your sovereign power. While recalling the wasted years that are past, I believe that You, Lord, can in an instant turn this loss to gain. Miserable as I am, yet I firmly believe that You can do all things.
    Please restore to me the time lost, giving me Your grace, both now and in the future, that I may appear before You in "wedding garments." Amen.

  2. Prayers for him and his loved ones.

  3. Servus - I suspect he had an arm load of good deeds. Let's pray for one another.

  4. "Never doubt the power of good example; good works and fidelity to the duties of one's state in life, combined with a devout life of prayer, Mass and the sacraments - it is the royal road."

    This really struck me - thank you. It's something I'd want to keep at my desk at work. It's simple but very powerful I think, especially for us who are little souls.

  5. I will try to remember to pray for all the people who read this blog in my intercessions.

  6. "Never doubt the power of good example; good works and fidelity to the duties of one's state in life, combined with a devout life of prayer, Mass and the sacraments - it is the royal road." ---Habitual Grace

    The three Hail Marys for his soul.

    There are many great and wonderful places to live in this world.

    The only place you want to die is a place called a State of Grace, in Holy Mother Church, Christ's Bride.

    Outside the Church, there is no salvation.

    Habitual grace helps lead you there.

    May God our Lord in His infinite and supreme goodness be pleased to give us His abundant grace, that we may know His most holy will, and entirely fulfill it.



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