Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday quick thoughts...

... family affair.

I talked to my sister last night, so I'll be back in therapy all week. 
Or am I?
Anyway, when she drinks, the secrets all come out - TMI.  Dysfunctional families have a way of making other family members and outsiders feel like they are the bad people, or the 'messed up' ones with all the problems, and yet, and yet...  Of course my sister had no intention of doing that last night while I was on the phone with her for 2 hours.  (And people wonder why I don't answer the phone or do call backs.)  But she was quite candid about her own family and I thought to myself, "Okay.  Okay.  So I thought everyone was blissfully happy, without any problems?"  I didn't say that of course, but...
So anyway, my sister told me about some close calls that took her to the emergency room over the summer - she's fine now, but she was in the hospital a couple of days.  "I knew it!  I will read about your death in the obituaries after you are already buried."  No one tells me anything.  Then we talked about end of life issues and I asked if she thought of calling a priest when she was in the hospital and she said, "What for?"  And I said, "To make your confession you..."  And she started to protest but then she forgot what we were talking about and changed the subject.  Gosh!
It kills me how people refuse to believe me when I write things on this blog about what Christ infers in today's Gospel - that not everyone will be saved - which means, not everyone is just automatically going to heaven because they 'feel good about themselves'"I haven't killed anybody."  Whatever. 
In today's Gospel Christ's response to the question, "Is it true few will be saved?"  He doesn't say no, nor does he discourage the notion, but he tells the questioners quite earnestly, "try to enter through the narrow gate".  "Try" - You have to try!  If you don't try, you don't have much of a chance.  Yeah - really.
Although, lest everyone of us be completely discouraged, elsewhere, after Peter protests, "Well then who can be saved?"  Jesus responds, "All things are possible for God."
But good Lord, call a priest if you're in your late 60's and in the hospital for heart problems.  And if you persist in thinking everyone goes to heaven "because my God is nice", then crack open another bottle. 


  1. That's good, Terry, that you put the thought in her head. Even if she did act like she forgot and changed the subject; you can bet she's still thinking about it. Who knows, maybe it will have some effect.

  2. Anonymous3:28 PM

    A couple years ago during Lent, a woman I know announced that she didn't abstain or fast from anything because "God wants us to be happy">

    When asked where she read that in Scripture or Catechism she of course had no answer. When I mentioned that God wants us to be Holy, she answered that she 'felt' Holy.

    As you say Terry, whatever....


    One of my pet theories is that happiness or joy is a byproduct of the focus on Jesus Christ, and on the yearning for Him, the striving for Holiness, and the continued picking up of oneself from the falling down of sin. It isn't a result of self indulgence.
    I don't get a lot of 'Amens' when I expound on this!

    Folk don't want to hear that they must confess their sins because they don't want to stop doing whatever it is that they are doing. "Nice God" wants them to be "happy".


    I have to go and pray for forgiveness again now.

  3. Melody - that's actually how I look at it - she can mull it over and maybe next time a priest will be called. She's amazingly nonchalant about it all.

    Count - that makes sense. Thanks.

  4. Terry--I think my mom and I are the only sane ones left in my family...

    My dear brother married into --I'm not kidding ya-- an episode of the Jerry Springer Show...

    And of course since I'm Catholic I'm going straight to Hell..

    If anyone needs any prayer material I'll just refer you to my in-laws...

    Something's going black puddy tat has been an absolute CUDDLER and clingy this weekend...he must not be feeling well..both him and SHE WHO WILL NOT BE BRUSHED....they're even squabbling as to who gets the lap do you parents (and grandparent too) with multiple offspring decide on laptime??


  5. Remember when your sister said, "Your religion hasn't done you any good" - or something to that effect.. and it kinda hurt your feelings?

    Nobody hurts me or mocks me like my family.
    It's all going to come out in the wash some day now isn't it. We are racing towards our end and our loved ones continue to screw around - so to speak. My grandfather died mad and spiteful about some stupid infraction. What a waste. I found out days later..
    You know I "get" this stuff. Sadly, yeah, I get it.

    Our family did icecream and sweets though. It's how some people decompress and self medicate.

  6. BTW.. Sometimes Jesus isn't nice to me. Is it just me?!

    He makes me do stuff I don't wanna.
    Where do people come up with this Jesus is nice to the point of being a total pushover who holds no one accountable? I don't know that man.

    Jesus requires something from all of us. That bread and wine meal wasn't free. This religion isn't free. It's going to cost us something too because that's how REAL relationships work.
    (I'm blogging that)
    Send Padre Pio to her death bed. Padre wont fail us. Just pray she's not stupid enough to turn him away. If you ask him, he will come.

  7. Anonymous5:59 PM

    who gives a flip if your cats are fighting over laptime? STICK TO THE TOPIC.

    i hate yes HATE that.

  8. I had a recent trip to ER, heart and breathing problems, and I'll tell you what: I was praying "Acts of Contrition" throughout the whole ordeal (while trying to joke around and calm down the Br. who drove me who was himself ready to pass out from panic attacks...what a gruesome bunch we make here!) and called my superior pronto for confession and anointing...I wasn't ready quite just yet, thank you very much, to meet my Maker in the condition I was in; I can't imagine putting it off (even if I hadn't gone to Church in eons...but that's just me, I guess).
    As for "God is nice"...I bet HE has a few thoughts on that one!:<)!

  9. Ah, Anonymous--the point is--

    Our families are all crazy in their own particularly CRAZY they human, canine, feline, roomateasaurus, whatever..

    And God Bless them all..

    Even on the days when they drive us absolutely LOONY..


  10. Father NP--

    So sorry to hear about the health problems...prayers heading your way.


  11. Terry: I see this kind of denial in my family all the time. I've been to plenty of funerals where immediate sainthood was conferred and I wonder where the hell am I? (remembering the person as they really were)

  12. Fr. I hope you are okay now! I know you are under great stress too ! Prayers.

    Cath - how did I know you would so get this? LOL!

    Anonymous - LOL!

    Sarah - LOL!

  13. Anonymous, This isn't a class room setting where we've paid to be educated for credit hours. We're just hanging out with our friends who we've grown fond of and lending our moral and spiritual support. It's important to be flexable in the way we respond to one another. Someone may be lonely or they might be having a bad day or sometimes the Holy Spirit will lead the topic of conversation in the direction he desires. Someone might read something that gives them direction or confidence to get through their day -something that you may have considered -off topic. So what if Sara wants to chat about her cats. No one is making you read it. It's something that's important to her. It's part of the human compassion and patience we extend to one another and even if we should be considered a pain in the ass to some.

    Besides Mr.Terry's a big boy and can moderate his blog just fine on his own. Why, I can remember being blocked as if it were just yesterday. hahahaha

  14. Tolstoy said that all happy families were the same, but each unhappy family was different.

  15. Hmmmmmm - let's see. I have one brother who hates the Catholic Church and hasn't spoken to me in almost a year. I have no idea of what you speak.

  16. Terry, Sara: Sorry...I tried to post a comment yesterday but it wouldn't "take"...thanks for your concern and prayers. Yes, I am doing better now, thanks to some medication and rest.
    Terry: I just love that cracks me up; what I wanna know is whether Grandma is clutching her chest having a heart attack or is she ready to "ralf" on the carpet??
    (When I first saw it I thought it from the "family photo album"LOL!!...then I saw the bottom left hand corner; I was gonna say you were a real "hip dude"!).

  17. I love the photo too!


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