Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Icon of St. Benedict

Wonderfully made.
I just want to share this photo of a magnificent icon of St. Benedict with my readers who appreciate real icons. It was presented to Fr. Mark and his monastic community for their chapel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The icon was commissioned by a close friend of the monastery, and a Benedictine Oblate himself. For more photos and information go to Fr. Mark's post, A Gift: The Icon of Our Father Saint Benedict
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  1. I should clarify that what I meant by saying it is a 'real' icon is in reference to my own work - if you click on the image you can see how well painted this image is, in accord with Orthodox canons.

  2. It is truly beautiful.

  3. Beautiful icon!

  4. Nan - I posted it for you, I knew you would like it.

  5. Thank you. Maybe someday I'll be able to paint like that.


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