Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monks online.

I may be mistaken, but I believe we are witnessing something very important and historical on the web these days.  What is it you ask?  Nothing less than the birth of a monk and the birth of a monastic community - documented in real time on their respective blogs.

Br. Stephen, a novice with the Cistercian Abbey of Spring Bank, Wisconsin, has kept a personal blog since he entered the monastery, in a way offering readers a chance to follow him as he discerns and responds to his call.  Br. Stephen blogs at Sub Tuum.

Likewise, Fr. Mark of Vultus Christi has established a new monastic community in the diocese of Tulsa, and just recently received two postulants.  With Fr. Mark, we not only witness the birth of a new community, but the establishment of an apostolate which brings to fore devotion to the Eucharistic Face of Christ.  Closely associated with this is the erection of an association  for women known as Spiritual Motherhood for Priests.


  1. Here's another one, an Augustinian:

  2. Anonymous5:28 AM


    I couldn't tell for certain from the Vultus Christi site, but what will the monks be doing? You mentioned an apostolate which brings to the fore devotion to the Eucharistic Face of Christ. Do the monks themselves spend their days in adoration?

  3. Patrick - I believe so - it will be a contemplative house offering support for priests, providing retreats and spiritual direction and so on. Otherwise, the horarium will follow a Benedictine monastic schedule of prayer and work. I'm not sure if Fr. Mark posted on this or not.

  4. Terry and Adoro: Great links. I find these diaries of new vocations, new orders fascinating. Regarding Sub Tuum a Cistercian on a 4-wheeler; what's cooler than that!?!


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