Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The rupture...

The spirit of Vatican II. (Maybe an exorcism is in order?)
The council itself proved to be a "radicalizing" experience, during which men who had never met before, and who in some cases had probably given little thought to the questions now set before them, began quickly to change their minds on major issues. (For example, Archbishop -- later Cardinal -- John F. Dearden of Detroit, who was considered quite rigid before the council, returned home as an uncritical advocate of every kind of change.) When the council was over, some of those present -- both periti and bishops -- were prepared to go beyond what the council had in fact intended or authorized, using the conciliar texts as justification when possible, ignoring them when not (as recounted, for example, by Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, who was in charge of liturgical reform after the council, in his book The Reform of the Liturgy). Aware that the council didn't support their agenda, they quickly got into the habit of speaking of the "spirit" of the council, which was said to transcend its actual statements and even in some cases to contradict them. - Source


When the computer is fixed, I will write about Dearden and his bishops - as Weakland phrases it. Some days I think I could easily become a Trad.


  1. Don't let the drummers get you down! I cannot picture Christian of the Holy Wounds making a Bp. Williamson fist, such as when he was escorted out of town, er, completely out of town. Plus, you'd have to become a misogynist who applauds Stepford Wives and I honestly don't see it fitting you at all. You're not Tradistic. Bottomline, we heard Jesus' words about what it is when someone attributes the working of the Holy Spirit to evil. It's worse than blindness. Jesus tamed the Boanerges into orthodoxy that works for the good of all. When we have a problem with the unruly "spirit" of Vatican II, it behooves us and blesses the church for us to simply address the hijacker(s) personally if not also directly.


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