Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What do the crusaders against lying think about the Archdiocese of NY cooperating in evil?

Fraudulent policies?

Isn't that just like lying - to say one thing and to do another?  So the Archdiocese pays for health care policies which offer contraception coverage to their Catholic employees - yet they condemn Obamacare as a threat to religious liberty?
The Archdiocese of New York has previously acknowledged that some local Catholic institutions offer health insurance plans that include contraceptive drugs to comply with state law; now, it is also acknowledging that the archdiocese’s own money is used to pay for a union health plan that covers contraception and even abortion for workers at its affiliated nursing homes and clinics. - Source

I may be wrong, but I'll bet there are millions of Catholics who participate in health plans which provide reproductive health services for women - contraception/abortion.  Likewise, there has to be Catholic businesses around the country which provide the same type of coverage.  What's in your diocesan health plan?

Perhaps the Principle of double effect applies here? 

Not for Lila Rose of course - because no one authorised Live Action's undercover tactics - and lies.

I've told lies over the years myself.  I'm trying to make amends for all of that now.  I have to atone for my own sins, so I can no longer devote my time to calling out others for their dishonesty or compromise with the truth.

Especially since there are so many completely honest and virtuous Catholics who can focus all of their energies upon pointing out the sins of others.  Kudos for them.
"We cannot trust too much in ourselves, because we often want grace and understanding.  There is but little light in us and this we quickly lose through negligence.  Many times also we perceive not that we are so blind interiorly.  We often do ill and do worse in excusing it.  We are sometimes moved with passion and mistake it for zeal." - Imitation, Bk II, Chapter 5

I think it is a good idea to pray for Archbishop Dolan and the other Bishops in our country who have to work through this situation.  It will open them to even greater criticism and contempt by media, the enemies of the Church, and the self-righteous.  I think it's a better idea to pray for people rather than pillorying them in the media.  Prayer can do more than we could ever ask or imagine.  It can change people and circumstances.  Constant condemnation alienates and makes matters worse - and fuels scandal.



  1. Cardinal Dolan has a lot to answer for. I still can't get over his saying that he wouldn't want anyone to think Cuomo isn't a Catholic in good standing. Funny how he loves all these renegade Catholics but wouldn't attend a dinner where Judie Brown was speaking. How can anyone respect him? May God have mercy on his soul. He's a good illustration of why the Church in the U.S. is in such disarray!

  2. His eminence has always come across to me as a phony no matter how hard I tried to see him otherwise.

  3. they are almost all the same. God help them.

    Pray for our bishops and priests to be struck with an apostolic zeal for souls. Becuase right now, most of them seek everything BUT winning souls for Christ. God have mercy on our Church.

  4. [DeaconJR said:]
    This is not an example of a "fraudulent policy" and, no, it is not appropriate for you to accuse Live Action of lying.

    Yes, I'll be happy to elaborate upon both claims I'm making...

    God bless,


  5. Well, here's a good read on this topic: http://blog.archny.org/steppingout/?p=2846

  6. Hi JR - I wasn't accusing Live Action of lying - did I give you that impression?

    I think Janet Smith's explanation on Al Kresta pretty much explains Cardinal Dolan's dilemma.

    I'm not from Missouri though.

  7. Hi, Terry--I read this statement: "Perhaps the Principle of double effect applies here? Not for Lila Rose of course - because no one authorised Live Action's undercover tactics - and lies."

    If I have misunderstood you, I apologize. I inferred from this statement that you ascribed "lies" to Lila Rose and Live Action.

    Can you elaborate, as I've apparently gotten the wrong impression?

    Deacon JR


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