Monday, March 18, 2013

The Kill-Joys Have Tempered My Enthusiasm for Pope Francis....

Slum-dog millionaire.

How nice to be Catholic, huh?

To be sure, the kill-joys on the blogosphere have not really killed my enthusiasm, simply tempered it.  It is a good lesson in spiritual detachment actually.  Vain rejoicing in spiritual goods and seeking spiritual consolations is not virtue - so it is good to have it taken away - the more viciously the better.  Joy that is not 'felt' is better.  Spiritual poverty after all, is what I've been referring too these past few days, not the 'romantic poverty' of the comfortable and self-righteous. 

So anyway, I can't help but continue to find Pope Francis an extremely fascinating figure.  He has caused quite a stir, proving a threat to many, as well as a triumph for others.  The Holy Father has confounded us all, hasn't he... not a question. 

I'll keep writing about him until - he dies, I suppose.  Hopefully I can be more objective - and more nitpickingly negative about him in the process.

Everyone is watching him, every move he makes, every 'for the many' he says.  They watched Christ closely too... looking for a way to trap him.  I'm not sure many outside the temple precincts critiqued the way Christ dressed however.  Of course, Christ criticized the pharisees with their wide phylacteries and stuff, so chances are they didn't think much of his clothes either - and don't forget, his disciple didn't wash their hands - tacky.

Pope fashion.

To be honest, I've noticed Francis is kind of a mess - the way he dresses, I mean.  I can see the tails of his shirt through the soutane, I see his black pants - and those black shoes.  When I was a Trappist, I thought the black shoes didn't look as well with the novices habit as they did with the professed - the black scapular more or less completed the ensemble.  So my novice master let me wear 'Earth' shoes instead - they were brown.  (And people ask me, "How did you know you didn't have a vocation?")

Someday soon, I will not be surprised to see the Pope working in his shirtsleeves and black pants - perhaps even out for a stroll in the gardens dressed like that.

Hopefully tailors will be able to fit the soutane/simar/cassock better, even line it so we don't see the black pants, and get that cummerbund/fascia thing pulled in tighter.  Or do some sit-ups - it just looks sloppy.  His posture isn't exactly perky either - stand up straight so the lines of the vestments are sharp and elegant.  Shoes - I keep thinking about red shoes - my heart breaks.  However, JPII wore brown shoes and black sometimes, so I'm not sure that's a big deal.  In other words, I might be able to get over it.  Although, I think because the Pope looks sloppy in white, he could maybe just wear black - why not?  Oh.  I suppose not.

New glasses might look nice too.  I'm thinking Johnny Depp style - they are not exactly brand new, so he couldn't be charged with being too hip if he wore them.

Bad guys and ne'er-do-wells.

BTW - I saw some video of the people in the slums the Pope used to hang out with.  Disgusting.  They were fat and sloppy, bad teeth, crummy clothes, and their chapel was a shambles - so dirty.  Ick!  I think they were faking it too - just too lazy to work and dress better.  The Pope was washing the feet of people with ripped jeans and dirty t-shirts, I couldn't believe they were at Mass dressed that way.  So filthy.

Anyway - that's my critique of the Holy Father's every day wear and the people he slummed with, I hope people who dislike him are pleased that I can say something negative about him.  One last comment, I noted a few commenters on another blog who said that this love of poverty thing and humble way of acting is just a put on by the Pope...  Not sure how they know that, but I'm pretty dumb.

I wonder what's up with that Cardinal Mahony bitch, huh?  What's that a--hole saying now?  Why they should get a rope and ...

Ooooo!  It's still Lent... 

God bless you all! 

We love you family,

Bob and Penny Lord

We need something shiny and new!

Disclaimer:  This post contains sarcasm, irony, and parody.  I truly love the new Pope.

Photo:  Cardinal Bergoglio faking it in a slum outside Buenos Aires: In this undated picture courtesy of Argentine journalist Sergio Rubin, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (L) visits a shantytown in Buenos Aires. Bergoglio was elected as Pope Francis on March 13, 2013, the 266th pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. Photograph by: SERGIO RUBIN , AFP/Getty Images


  1. Terry, please do not let those grumps take away your joy!! I think that Our Holy Father evokes the exact same reactions that Jesus did.

  2. Thanks Elena - they can't really take it from me - but it is better not to have consolation. I'm being facetious with this post of course - although some of the things I've read elsewhere certainly implant a temptation to pessimism in those who read such crud. It is rather sinister.

  3. I am thinking of what James said in a comment on another thread and how exactly right he is - this Pope is the 2 x 4 that the Church sorely needs. Get in line behind him folks or get out of the way.

  4. <> The only pictures I have seen of our new Pope washing people’s feet were of some very young mothers nursing their babies, and a group of young recovering drug addicts from the Cenacolo Community in Buenos AIres.>>

    The Cencolo Community has houses all over the world and is now a recognised International Association of the Faithful of Pontifical Right.

    Hope you don’t mind the links, delete if unsuitable:

  5. Thanks bg - I want to write about the Cenacolo communities soon - if I get a chance - so thanks very much for the link! It is a wonderful apostolate.

  6. Some of the criticisms I have seen other Catholics level at Pope Francis are right from the pit of hell. It reminds me so much of how the Pharisees treated Our Lord. The hatred is tangible. But I was consoled when you told me that they just can't deal with so much light.

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  8. Despite your best attempts... ;) ...and others', I still retain my enthusiasm for Papa Franscesco. He is exactly the type of pope I prayed for. Not that it matters what I want, of course! Laudetur Iesus Christus! (Am I allowed to say that during Lent?)

  9. That being said, I still miss Papa Bene! :'(

  10. LOL - what a great post!
    Agree with the 2X4 comment.
    Some people's comments are so sad on other blogs.

  11. btw, we do need to pray. I am concerned about this Holy Father, partly because he is getting too far out there ahead of his security. There are a lot of crazy people in this world, you know. But also because there are evil people, who don't like their positions of power and prestige threatened. I hope the Holy Father has a food taster.

  12. There's a cunning dissimulation in the way some will scold a holy shepherd for eschewing worldly pomp by citing Magdalen's anointing of Christ's feet with precious perfumes. I would say more but it seems pointless.

    1. Yes, they would make the virtuous exception the rule.

  13. George - I'm still happy - not to worry. I miss benedict too, but feel united to him in prayer. It will be good when the two meet in a few days. I suspect Benedict imagined there was a good chance Francis would be the next pope.

  14. It almost seems like Mad TV or an SNL skit or...or...or this blog:


  15. Instead of red shoes, the cobbler who made those shoes could make a pair or two in pale blue.(Two pairs are better, so one pair can rest.) He could them present them, emphasizing that they were made by hand, by the labor of a craftsman. He could point out that the pale blue matches the blue in the Argentine flag, and the mantle of Our Lady of Lujan, and that whenever Papa Francis glances down at his feet, the two pale blue against the white, that he might momentarily recall both his country and Our Lady, and breathe a prayer for both.

    I don't think anyone would wear pale blue shoes with black trousers and socks. :)

  16. ..I too will not cease in being so very very 'high' on Our Pope. the World's Pope, the World's Jesus here for us, today.
    I wonder though: 'we saw the Bishop, dressed in White,' etc: will it be Catholics who kill their Pope ? Will it be the Vatican itself ? Not perhaps death of the body...but all these attempts to kill the very spirit as it reaches sad and how possible.
    I am actually grateful to be alive to see all of this, to see this wonderful man.
    What a blessing for all of us.

  17. Everyone is watching him, every move he makes, every 'for the many' he says. They watched Christ closely too... looking for a way to trap him. I'm not sure many outside the temple precincts critiqued the way Christ dressed however. Of course, Christ criticized the pharisees with their wide phylacteries and stuff, so chances are they didn't think much of his clothes either...

    Wow. Yeah, Terry. Thanks for bringing this point up.

  18. Note to new readers: This post contains sarcasm, irony, and parody. I truly love the new Pope.

    That's funny, Terry. As if you have new readers...


  19. Hahahahahahahahaha! Larry - that made me laugh so hard. Thanks! I love that!

    Wait! Was that an insult?

    Hahahahaahhaahaahahahahahaa! Thanks!

  20. I just love Pope Francis! Ihaven't read the negative stuff, so it's not getting to me.

    But while we are on the subject of pope fashion....I hope there is a talented designer who can skillfully use his gifts to create some beautiful yet simple vestments for our new Holy Father. I'm cringing at the thought of the possibility of bringing back to the Vatican those horrid designs that started back in the 70s (and which are still used here way too much.)

    Please God.


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