Monday, February 18, 2013

This is cool! Cardinal Ravasi likes Amy Winehouse.

They say I'm going to be pope, I said, no, no, no.

Me too.

I should say Ravasi listens to her music...

Or, he has listened to her music.
Even if youth culture is often marked by individualism, superficiality and hedonism, the council’s president, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, said that its “diversity” is “not only negative” but “contains surprising seeds of fruitfulness and authenticity.”

In his effort to understand young people’s language and feelings, Ravasi confessed to listening to a CD by the late British pop singer Amy Winehouse, noting that “a quest for meaning emerges even from her distraught music and lyrics.”
That is what I tell people too.  "Yes Fr. Altier, the music is awful, but I'm just trying to understand young people's language and feelings and harvest the seeds of fruitfulness and authenticity.  Which is why I don't listen to people like Beyonce, BTW."



  1. The quote he used from A.W.'s lyric was, "Love is losing". He's right, there is truth there. BTW... He is gving the Lenten retreat for Pope Benedict this week on The Face of God and Man.
    Do you perhaps know how to find a transcript of the Retreat online?

  2. Clare Krishan4:40 PM
    Podcasts in original Italian, no full transcripts in English, Intro (Google translate)

    Riffing on Kafka, Goethe and Sophocles may give some of us intellectual indigestion, so I offered this tweet (linked to a Turin:Rodin diptych) in response to his quoting Paul Claudel "God did not come to explain suffering, came to fill it with his presence":
    (The first bronze casting of the Gates of Hell were purchased for the inauguration of Philadelphia's Rodin Museum with the US Ambassador from France in attendance as guest of honor (the office holder's relationship to the long deceased artist? Older brother of his surviving paramour, then still sectioned in a mental asylum. Her name? Camille Claudel. She and he and their lovers (he had a daughter out of wedlock with a married minor Polish aristocrat) and their lost kith-n-kin knew suffering surely. How much salvation they knew lies in the merciful gaze of Jesus's Holy Face... the Thinker is other words is the very mind of that same Pantocrator - he of Michelangelo's Last Judgement fresco that graces the altar of the Sistine Chapel where the conclave will meet in the coming weeks check out the dimensions I think you'll find the proportions of the Sistine chapel altar correspond to the door lintel if you assume the seated figure corresponds to the Risen Christ 1:1)

  3. Clare Krishan4:42 PM

    snippets of news here also:


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