Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stealing political yard signs and vandalizing billboards..

Freedom of speech... and freedom to shut you up?

Not so much.  Stealing political yard signs and defacing property is against the law.  Vandalism is against the law, trespassing is against the law. 

Locally, people are stealing yard signs urging people to vote on the Marriage amendment.  mostly the Vote Yes signs are being stolen and or defaced.  A priest friend told me a few weeks back that I should steal the Vote No yard signs in my neighborhood - when I objected, he said he was kidding.  I'm not so sure.  A woman told me the Vote Yes signs at the Cathedral in St. Paul were stolen recently.

Use common sense.  Ones enemies are going to do stuff like deface billboards and steal yard signs and maybe even key your car because of one of your bumper stickers.  I wouldn't be surprised if someday, ones house may be burned down because of the political yard signs in their yard.  Here's the story on the billboard in the photo that was vandalized:
Minnesota for Marriage reported that one of their VOTE YES billboards in Minneapolis was vandalized sometime during the weekend.

John Helmberger, Chairman of Minnesota for Marriage, said in a statement released Monday that the vandalism was evidence of what could happen should the marriage definition amendment fail.

"This kind of disrespect is a perfect example of what Minnesotans, who simply believe marriage is between one man and one woman, can expect if marriage is redefined," said Helmberger.

"Without the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment, we run the risk of allowing judges and politicians to turn our state into the next Vermont or Massachusetts. Only by passing the Amendment do we ensure that voters always have control over the definition of marriage." - Christian post

A lot of uber liberals and progressives really hate the family - the traditional family, I mean.  They really hate it.  No - they don't hate mums and dadums and sister and brother - they hate the 'institution' of traditional marriage.  They hate its limitations and exclusivity.  They want to make it extinct.  (Remember, it wasn't only gays and lesbians who referred to married couples as 'breeders'.  Professional yuppies did too.)  They want single mothers - not the welfare single moms, but career women choosing when and how they want a kid.  They want unmarried opposite sex partners - with or without children to be perfectly acceptable.  They want moms having their single/married daughter's - or son's baby - when they are ready for it.  They want to allow designer babies, and so on.  Thus, along with easy divorce, or no marriage to start, everyone can do as they want - and that means gays can get married.  They can no longer hold up the traditional family as a model because it exposes the defects of the new, socially-constructed, varieties.

The breakdown of the family has been going on for decades.  The Marriage Amendment is an important step in rehabilitating and protecting it.

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