Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to say 'bishops' in Spanish.

"What?  Another painting?  Are we in it?" **


I knew my Patheos readers wouldn't know that.  The need for an impromptu tutorial came to mind after reading this: Vatican Diary / The "who's who" of the deposed bishops.
VATICAN CITY, June 15, 2012 – The old-timers of the curia remember a quip that one cardinal loved to repeat: "Among the apostles one out of twelve betrayed, and today among the successors of the apostles the average is certainly no better."

Today, without counting the other Christian denominations, the Catholic bishops who are the heirs of the apostles number about 5200, and so by applying to them this "evangelical" proportion, there should be more than 400 emulators of Judas Iscariot in the Church of Rome. A figure that may be too optimistic in the eyes of the Lefebvrists, or from the opposite perspective, of the progressive ecclesial galaxy, but certainly much higher than the number of prelates who in various ways have been punished in recent years by the only person who has this power, the pope.
This interests me because I'm working on a painting with bishops in it...

I've spent the past two weeks on individual drawings and composition for a larger than normal (for me) painting on canvas. It's from a dream I had around the time of my conversion, which really only seems to make sense today ...

When I returned to the Church/Sacraments in my early 20's I had a dream about the Church. I was in a large Romanesque style church during what seemed to be High Mass; many bishops were celebrating, their backs to the congregation. At communion time, emerging from a cloud of incense, the presiding bishop dressed in layers of ornate Gothic vestments and lace, turned and approached the communion rail, accompanied by numerous deacons and servers carrying candles. As the entourage moved forward to give me the sacrament, I noticed the bishop and his assistants were wearing heavy make-up, and the fingernails on their bejeweled hands were long and polished. Smiling salaciously, looking into my eyes, the bishop opened his cope to reveal a fetus, obviously to be consumed as communion. I pulled back in horror.

The composition I've worked out is slightly different, yet remains a faithful interpretation.  I probably shouldn't have mentioned this, huh?

*Jes, I om fluent een Spaneesh.  Que?  I even think in Spanish.

** BTW - A reader informed me that Monsignor Ganswein reads my blog! 
"Msgr Ganswein prints your posts about him (the pope) and puts them in his (the pope's) daily reading." - email alert.
So there.



  1. +JMJ+

    I learned to play chess from someone with a very thick accent. For years, I thought bishops really were "bee shops," where the king and the queen could buy honey to feed the "horses" after a long day of playing with their baby pawns.

    Isn't it fascinating that bishops in chess can only move diagonally? ;-)

    1. That is fascinating. ;)

      I was actually thinking of Gloria from Modern Family and how she would say Bee-shops.

      Are there Bee Shops? I think there are.

    2. +JMJ+

      Now you've reminded me of Gloria's "sexy phone." ROFLMAO!!!

  2. That's quite a dream Terry or rather a nightmare. Do you have an affinity for Romanesque Churches? I don't so much. It's fairly obvious what the dream might mean...


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