Thursday, October 18, 2012

American National Catholic Church, Since 2009 C.E.

Fr. Jason Lody, FCM, rector of the
St. John the Beloved Seminary,
speaks with Bishop George Lucey,
presiding bishop of the ANCC.

Sects sell.

Friends are alerting me to the existence of the American National Catholic Church, evidently a 21st century response to Vatican II, as was the Old Catholic Church to Vatican I.  Like the Old Catholics, the new Catholics claim apostolic succession, albeit remaining independent from papist Rome...  and yet they are implementing Vatican II.  More evidence religious people are nutz.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the background of the American National Catholic Church (ANCC)?
We were founded in 2009 as a contemporary expression of Catholicism. We trace our independent linage thorough Roman Catholic Bishop Carlos Duarte-Costa of Brazil.
Bishop Duarte-­Costa was a prophetic herald of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. In as early as 1936, he called for the celebration of the liturgy in the vernacular while facing the people, a greater role of the laity in the liturgy including as Eucharistic ministers, and reception of the Eucharist in both bread and wine. His call for married clergy and general absolution has been realized in the ANCC.
We are absolutely committed to the implementation of the full vision of the Second Vatican Council believing that the Council’s work and wisdom were a high-water mark in the history of the Church. We are heirs of that legacy, committed to its ongoing implementation. - Source

Some of my readers who are SSA and considering a vocation to the priesthood or religious life, yet disagree with Church teaching as well as prohibitions against admitting gay men to seminary and Holy Orders might want to consider this group if doctrine is no longer an issue.  I strongly advise against it however.  It is better for your soul to remain faithful to the Roman Catholic Church.  That said, here are some FAQ's from the ANCC website:
Do you feel called to serve as a priest or deacon? Maybe you feel called to be a religious sister or brother? Perhaps you have a vocation to ministry within the American National Catholic Church.

Men and women who pursue vocations within the ANCC are devoted to strong academic preparation, rigorous personal standards, sincere compassion and active ministry. All applicants must complete criminal background checks and psychological evaluations prior to beginning any formal studies. Some have had prior ministry experience in other churches and choose to embrace the broad theology and inclusive nature of the ANCC.
The ANCC welcomes all to consider a vocation no matter what their age, race, gender or sexual orientation. We believe that God creates all people and God calls all people. Please contact us at
Women Priests

A vocation is a calling by God. The ANCC believes that the call to ordained ministry is not limited by gender. Women may be ordained to the priesthood and episcopal office of bishop within the ANCC.

Gay and Lesbian Inclusiveness

All respected contemporary understanding of homosexuality tells us that sexual orientation is a inherent aspect of personal identity. We believe that some of God’s children are gay and lesbian because God has seen it fit to create them as such. All of God’s creation is good and as such we welcome our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in the fullness of the life of the church. Sacramental limitations on marriage and ordination are rejected. As such, we joyfully united same sex couples in the Sacrament of Matrimony and ordain qualified gays and lesbians called by God.


The ANCC welcomes with open arms qualified clergy to incardinate into the Church. Priests, deacons and those in religious life who wish to join us will find that the incardination process is professional, thorough and fair. Together, the church and the candidate discern over time if the incardination would be mutually beneficial.

(I wonder if they get to wear capes and colored buskins?)

Disclaimer:  Seriously, I would never ever recommend anyone ever leave the Church, rather I would encourage people to conform themselves to Church teaching.  That said, there remain liberal Catholic religious groups who will accept LGBT persons, or gay Catholics.  No doubt some provinces of Jesuits remain open, and possibly even the Paulists - that is where Fr. Sirico got his start.  Of course now he has his own group, but I would expect candidates with SSA might be welcomed there - although maybe not the openly LGBT type.   Then there is always St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota.  Sadly, OL of Springbank was suppressed.  (I'm being facetious - I don't really know the vocation policy of these groups.)

More importantly, men with SSA should seek direction from solid spiritual/vocation directors, and seminaries or religious orders who remain faithful to Roman Catholic teaching in all its fullness.

H/T Beverly Leslie


  1. Oh My! Is this the Church that Boy George sang about in the 80s?:

    "The Church of the Poison Mind"?

    Why not just be Anglican if you want to make it up as you go along? I mean you can even wear maniples, copes and have lots of smoke and even pontificate from time to time. These kind of outfits provide a hiding place for loose canons who like all the pomp but can't be tied down with Gospel morality or doctrine

  2. "...ordain qualified gays and lesbians called by God."

    So what does "qualified" mean? See, they discriminate too! How unjust! So does this mean they would see that their discrimination is somehow justly based? If that were the case, then they have to admit that the Roman Catholic Church's just discrimination is correct.

    I got that twisted-into-a-pretzel feeling.

    1. You should probably ask Bishop Lucey about that, Charley Brown.

  3. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question...but is Fr. Sirico a schismatic? The same Fr. Sirico that's on EWTN?

    1. Oh no! Not at all. Neither are the Jesuits or Paulists or Bendectines I mention.


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