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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What I really think about Romney.

I can't stand the thought of him being in the White House.

I think Romney is a phony. Last week I saw a clip of an interview when he was asked about what he wears to bed - he said as little as possible. Hahahahahaha.  These people will say anything to get elected.  It's all PR in an attempt to prove they are normal people. I can't stand the idea that these little-house-on-the-prairie-fundamentalist-cult people might actually be in the White House.  I guess I'm a bigot.  No one's perfect.

Nevertheless, I can't vote for a platform which is anti-life and pro-gay-marriage either. I'm Catholic.  Being Catholic does not mean I'm a Republican or Democrat however.  It doesn't require that I wave an American flag in the faces of drive-bys either.  Nor does it mean I drink my coffee from a mug with a flag and a cross and a papal coat of arms on it. 

My thoughts on gay marriage?  I'm against it - I repeat that all of the time and I mean it.  Honestly and truly I reject the notion entirely - same sex marriage cannot be - even if it is declared to be.  If gay marriage becomes legal, do I think it will cause the collapse of civilization, or at least the collapse of traditional marriage? Not in and of itself.  Although the United States will collapse - nothing earthly lasts forever.

I have said all along, the collapse was initiated with no-fault divorce and legalizing contraception. Yes.  Contraception - not abortion - legalized abortion is the natural consequence of contraception.  If gay-marriage becomes the law of the land, those of us against it will have to deal with it.   How long have we been living with legal, no fault divorce, remedial contraception and clinical abortion?  And what have we done to end it?  God will save us, not nations or princes.

So I said it.  I do not like Romney - but I don't like many politicians.  At this point I can't vote for someone I cannot trust.  In fact I can't stand the idea of voting for someone I mistrust.  It was bad enough with McCain and Palin - Romney is way out of the question - once again, I would have to go against my better judgement in order to vote for someone like him.   

I can't vote for Obama either. 


  1. I used to think the same thing until I had a long conversation with a Catholic blogger friend who almost became a Mormon. He was very invested in his Mormon studies (for several years) before he realized that as much as he liked the Mormon way of life, he knew the religion part wasn't "true."

    He is back to being a good and faithful Catholic. He is very, very well educated, both in secular studies, the Church fathers, and the entire Catholic faith.

    I really want him to write a piece (which will have to be posted anonymously because of his job) that I can post on my blog about his experience and his eventual "light bulb moment."

    The thing that really stuck out in our conversation was how little the "religion" part played in the lives of the Mormons. The real focus was on the family life, etc.

    It gave me a new insight into Romney.

  2. I have been going back and forth. I have disliked Romney since I saw how he behaved himself in the primaries. I liked Santorum and I liked Gingrich, despite his own foibles - I liked what they had to say.

    He's always struck me as phony, and is the walking embodiment of the uncle moneybags super-rich Republican. I do not see where he is principled, especially his stance on life issues and marriage issues.

    That said, I have to wonder - Obama has made it clear that he seeks to persecute the Church and to drive it from the public sphere. He will certainly do everything in his power to cement gay stuff into law, and to further normalize abortion. In the future, I'm afraid that my job may be threatened - what if we have to sign papers or something conceding our support of "alternative lifestyles" (I work for a state university)?

    I know we should embrace persecution, but we are also supposed to stave it off if we can, are we not?

    Still, Louisiana will go Romney for sure, so I may not vote just so that I do not have to support him. I don't know.

    Whatever this country gets is what they deserve. If people vote in 4 more years of Obama, and Obama who need not worry about getting reelected, then so be it. The country deserves it.

    1. I could never vote for Obama because of that. I'll probably have to vote for Romney - either way I look upon it as a chastisement upon our country. I've felt that way since George Bush senior - but I liked Barbara. LOL!

    2. To be fair, Reagan was the only Republican for a while who wasn't just country club dude in a suit - look at Ford!

      It bothers me that the country has moved SO far away from any semblance of Christian morality or public piety. There was once a time when both Republicans and Democrats were believers and really meant it.

      Maybe Ike was the last good one? :)

  3. Hello Terry,

    My comment on your comments re: Romney and the awful Obama is this: if your love your country and value your freedom then don't sit on the fence...VOTE.
    In Australia we have compulsory voting for State and Federal elections every 4 years. Don't think for a moment we admire our politicians...we don't trust them at all, they are often lowest types, but we love Australia and value to freedom to vote, and to lose that freedom is unthinkable, but with the approach of the One World Government it is getting closer for all of us.

    1. Thanks Telesia - I do intend to vote. I'm mostly just lamenting the state of things.

  4. I'm voting for him though I agree with you, it's like Ron Paul fanatics.. throwing your vote away is voting for Obama.

    While I can't trust someone who believes in an easily disprovable religion... why knock little house on the prairie.. that was a good show!

    1. Ha! You are right - it was a good show. I seem to have an aversion to fundamentalist - protestant ways - so it's an easy way for me to express the inexpressible.

  5. I thought the little house on the prairie comment referred to the polygamous/minor marrying Texas mormons who were in the news a few years ago. There was a photo of a bunch of the women who were had kindof 40's-looking hairstyles and wore little house on the prairie dresses with sensible shoes like pantsuit nuns.

    1. I did have them in mind. I hate stuff like that.

  6. Terry, I absolutely agree with you. But I also do not like any politicians in general - it is a business.

    I remember how so many wise people in the past have said, change your heart and you will change the world. Relying on a vote for a lesser evil is never going to do much of anything, though I think it important to go and vote, even if it means writing on the paper that none of them are worth your vote.

    Jason @ AMC

  7. In other words.. vote for Obama...Romney isn't evil he's just Mormon...

    1. You can vote for Obama - but I wouldn't. ;)


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