Friday, August 17, 2012

Fr. Angel studied at Mt. Angel Abbey Seminary...

Do you like boys?  Do you like men? 
Do you Masturbate?  Do you use pornography?

From CNA:
Monsignor Richard Paperini, who was president of Mount Angel Seminary during Fr. Perez's final year there, told the Oregonian that he was “in absolute shock” over the news.
He explained that throughout a careful screening process, Fr. Perez had never displayed “any tendency toward children in an inappropriate way.” - Full story

What about homosexual inclination?   Just wondering.  The following 2005 transcript may point to a certain amount of indifference as regards sexual orientation of candidates for the priesthood. 

The Roman Catholic Church has ordered an inspection of the 229 seminaries in the United States and according to a soon-to-be-released Vatican document, it may result in the ban of gay seminarians from the priesthood.

The Mount Angel Seminary is among those labeled for review in the document, which should be released within the next six weeks.

The specifics of the review at Mount Angel Seminary have yet to be determined, said Seminary Rector Fr. Richard Paperini.

"The Vatican has scheduled a team to visit in January," Paperini said. "Every faculty member and seminarian will be interviewed.

"I'm sure it's a good thing," he added. "Everyone likes to think they have a good school; a review is a good way to see where you're at."

He said the review would focus on chastity, but beyond that he is unsure what it will entail.

"I have received no official word [from the Vatican] to know what their expectations are," Paperini said, adding he hadn't heard anything about banning gay seminarians.

"This is the first I've heard about it," he said. "I don't know how to feel about it."
- Source
For your discernment.

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    Oh, oh, you don't want to tick off your boy Micheal Bayly by suggesting that there's a link between chesters and sodomites now.


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