Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Anderson Cooper gay? Why is this news?

Anderson and his boyfriend. (Lloyd Braun?)  See?  I knew that.

I seriously thought everyone knew that already.

I was sure it had been discussed or mentioned on Oprah once or twice - or was it 60 Minutes when they did a piece on he and his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt?  I don't know what show it was - but I'm pretty sure I knew that.  But maybe I didn't, huh?  So, Anderson had to come out again, then?
"The fact is, I'm gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud," he wrote.  - Source
How did I know that?  I don't know.

Evidently the 'new' coming out is understated - one simply is 'out' - no debutante presentation required - no drama like Karen Walker announcing, "Beverly Leslie is a homosexual."  Maybe that's a good thing - even though Anderson Cooper made headlines with his discreet announcement. 

Call me Frank Costanza, but I'll run through it for you...

So you got your celebrities, no more doin' the sit-com bombshell come-outtance deal, now they just kinds remind people, "Oh by the way, I'm gay.  That's a pretty dress, who is it?  Valentino?"

Then you got your gays who still make a big deal of it and try to get theselves on the news - the parade types, y'know.  AGITATORS!

Then you got the gays who wanna get married and have families, who conform to American Stepford standards - they pretty much blend in with the groups they live amongst - like closet cases used to do - but they're out - and I mean like Anderson Cooper out.  They gotta let you know some way though.

Then you got your gay but chaste Christian/Catholic gays - they're the queers.  LGBTQ:  They wanna be queer - queer is cool to them.  They will agree with Anderson and chime in sayin':
"The fact is, I'm gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud,"
Some of 'em even marry Muggles - straights - and have kids - but they stay queer.  I don't get it either! 

Then you got your recovering gay - ssa or same sex attracted - although the attractions are unwanted.  You can't call them gay though - always say ssa - your straights are osa - you know 'openly straight attracted', or 'opposite sex attracted', some damn thing they made up!  IT'S NUTS!  So anyways - they're not in any closet either - don't call 'em closet cases!  Ooee gad!  They'll go NUTS!  No matter if they come out and talk about themselves as leaving the lifestyle, working with groups to overcome the tendencies, and tell everyone they live chastely - don't calle 'em gay or closet cases or ex-gays.  THEY'LL GO NUTS! 

They're even makin' videos now, you know - yeah, the chaste ones.  So, they're out there - if you know what I mean...

Anyway.  You got yourself a whole new segment of society now-a-days - every one's out, talkin' - proud to tell the world about their sexual preferences, likes, dislikes, happiness, depression - all that crap.  It's queer!  IT'S A QUEER WORLD!



  1. Terry, the fact is, I'm straight, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud. Just thought I should get that out there.

    1. I knew that too. Man. It's like I'm psychic! How do I know so much?

  2. OMGosh - I parked my hetero pride in the closet. Time to get it out and let it shine...

  3. I'm booked on Good Morning America next week where my hetero pride will be on full display.

  4. Terry, I would be lost without you. I can't believe you were doin the I'm gonna stop bloggin thing for a while. How could you, if you keep this stuff bottled up, you'd go real crazy!


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