Friday, June 22, 2012

Local priest Fr. Mike Tegeder seems to have a lot of power...


Hello Goodbye

It is no secret he dissents from Church teaching and speaks out against Archbishop Nienstedt - especially concerning Catholic teaching on sexuality.  He is one of the subjects of a local publication speaking out against Nienstedt and the Minnesota Bishops support of an amendment to the constitution to safeguard traditional marriage.  It strikes me that Tegeder may have something "on" the Archdiocese - some dirt perhaps?  Consider this statement for example:
"Nienstedt is just so rigid about these things," Tegeder continues, growing animated. "But, you know — just let go of it. What are we trying to defend? Marriage? Has the Catholic Church protected marriage? I mean, [Nienstedt] has a priest who impregnated one of his staff members, broke up their marriage, and the guy's still functioning! ... Why don't we take care of our own issues before we start imposing views onto other people who don't have the same religious beliefs?" - City Pages
Not too many people knew about that BTW. 

What's more, a friend sent me a list of all the 'gay friendly' - read accommodating - Catholic parishes in the Metro area.  Churches with gay friendly pastors as well.  It strikes me as inconsistent.

This morning at Mass - the first day of the "Fortnight" nothing was mentioned about the Fortnight.  No prayers were offered for the intention.  Curiously, the visiting priest-celebrant used different readings and offered Mass in honor of St. Paulinus of Nola - a married bishop BTW.  The priest can do that of course, both St. Paulinus and John Fisher/Thomas More are optional memorials - but this priest is from one of the 'gay-friendly' parishes, which made me wonder.  Like I've said before - I have yet to hear any marriage prayer from the Archbishop recited at any of the churches I've attended Mass at.

It seems to me the Archbishop is not well supported in his Archdiocese.  I would urge everyone to pray for him.  He's a courageous man, a good shepherd.

I'm also saddened that Michael Bayly, a local gay activist has taken such an aggressive stand against the Archbishop and Church teaching.  The City Pages article concludes with this statement from Bayly:
"I think this whole issue of homosexuality is the last one the bishops still have any sort of control over, and they see that going," Bayly says. "And that's why they're putting up such a huge fight. Because after that's gone, there's nothing left in the realm of sexuality that people will listen to them about."  - City Pages 
I'm not pretending when I say that makes me sad - I continue to pray for him, no matter what. Not for this or that to happen - but simply that he will be sanctified and saved.


  1. Bishop Neinstedt is on my Bishball team. I like him.

    As to the rest? It doesn't make me sad - it makes me ill.

  2. "I saw the Church of St. Peter and an enormous number of people working to demolish it. At the same time I saw others repairing the Church. The demolishers took away large pieces; they were, above all, sectarians and apostates, in the majority. In their destructive work these people seemed to follow certain orders and a certain rule. I saw with horror, that among them were Catholic priests. I saw the Pope praying, surrounded by false friends who frequently, did the contrary of what he had ordered."


  3. servus, you know that her beatification was predicated on her life + miracles, not anything she allegedly wrote, as Clemens Brentano may have made things up.

  4. Nan I'm well aware of that. quite aware actually. So because Clemens Brentano "may have made things up" as you say that nullifies the prophecies she is alleged to have pronounced? It's interesting how that something like that comes up in every discussion of Anne Catherine Emmerich. Do you have proof I am unaware of regarding Clemens Brentano's alleged fabrications?

  5. servus, the problem isn't whether I have proof of your awareness of Clemens Brentano's possible fabrications, it's that you're quoting Anne Catherine Emmerich as though there's no doubt that a) you're actually quoting her words and b)they've been considered as part of her cause for Canonization which is misleading and could be harmful to souls.

  6. Nan, where did I state anything of the sort? I simply put a quote attributed to her in a comment on a blog. I apologise if souls are thereby scandalised or misled as you say. Are you the head of a dicastery some place or do you just police the comment section for possible scandal? I thought I needed to lighten up. There are those who attribute the discovery of the House of Our Lady outside Ephesus to Emmerich via Brentano's writings.

  7. I'll pray for you.

    1. Nan, I apologize for my impatience with you yesterday. I don't think you understood what I wanted to say but in the end it doesn't matter. Forgive me for being easily offended and sharp in my tone.

  8. Thanks be to God. I'll pray for you too Nan. I already have but I'll add you to my intercessory list.

  9. My, don't we all, including Fr. Tegeder, behave like a bunch of protestants. Tegeder wants the archbishop to go into schism and take us all with him. Others parse sentences like they were rocket scientists. Still others scour the Bible looking for verses to justify what they already believe, no matter what the original context.

    There seems to be a huge absence of faith these days.

  10. He looks kinda like John Travolta.

  11. I pray for the Archbishop because Jesus told us to love our enemies.


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